WNAMM09: A New Way To Buy Sounds

Sonic Reality Download Cards released for DownloadableSoundz.com      23/01/09

WNAMM09: A New Way To Buy Sounds

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Sonic Reality has introduced Download Cards for Downloadablesoundz, a new way to buy sounds. Here's their press release...
Download Cards are like popular music download cards but they're for the musicians that make the music! They are for downloading royalty free soundz that fuel creativity for multimedia production.
Download Cards are designed to offer computer and musical instrument retailers around the world a way to sell the largest inventory of soundware possible without taking up huge amounts of space in their store and warehouses. DownloadbleSoundz.com is a virtual warehouse of top of the line sounds and software. From an endless stream of high-end sound expansions for Sonic Reality‚s new Infinite Player virtual instrument plug-in to top quality sound effects from Frank Serafine for film, video and multimedia production to fresh new loops and multi-samples for every popular sampler and music software on the planet, DownloadableSoundz is aimed at being the ultimate source for „soundz‰ of all types.
Downloadablesoundz.com has sounds for Reason˙, SampleTank˙, Kontakt˙, HALion˙, Cubase˙, Yamaha Motif˙, ProTools®, Logic®, GarageBand®, SoundTrack®, Sequel˙, Digital Performer˙, Cakewalk Sonar˙, Project 5˙, Stylus RMX˙, FL Studio˙, Mackie Tracktion˙, Ableton Live˙, EXS24˙, Battery˙, KitCore˙, DrumCore˙, BFD˙ or other popular sample players and DAW software. Full libraries that used to be hard to find on CD/DVD are now delivered to you faster than ever electronically. Individual loops and sound packs with full song-style construction kits for Electronic, Hip Hop, Rock and many other styles can be cherry picked a la carte out of thousands available individually or in sound packs! Users can download expandable new virtual instrument plug-ins like the Infinite Player and OmniDrummer and more exclusively from DownloadableSoundz.com
For years Sonic Reality and its partners have been developing individual multi-sampled instruments of every type and every brand so it is just only a few clicks away from being used in any musician‚s session. From collectible Moog samples and every other vintage synth you can imagine to all of the instruments of the orchestra to exotic sounds from all over the world, Downloadablesoundz.com is like a vast growing museum of rare instruments and sounds as well as first call sounds for every style of music.
For the first time sounds from leading soundware developers, recording studios, artists and producers such as Sonic Reality, Ocean Way, Allen Sides, Steven Miller, Ken Scott, Hugh Padgham, Nick Davis, Alan Parsons, Frank Serafine, Keith Emerson, Moog, AMG, Miroslav Vitous, Steve Gadd, Danny Gottlieb, Jerry Marotta, John Blackwell, Qup Arts and many more have joined together to create sounds that are available for purchase from Downloadable Dealers all over the world with this powerful new Download Card system.
There are two types of Download Cards, ones that are product-specific and ones that are general creditz to use on any product on the whole site! Each card comes with a code that can be redeemed on the web site for various downloadable products. Downloadable sound collections and plug-ins from Sonic Reality, Ocean Way, Submersible Music and more are immediately available today for instant download anytime, anywhere in the world.
Pricing and Availability:
Available Q1, 2009 More information:

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