WNAMM09: Convenient Capture Of Stereo Sound To iPOD

Alesis now shipping their bundle of the ProTrack and AM2 Stereo Mic Set      20/01/09

WNAMM09: Convenient Capture Of Stereo Sound To iPOD

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Alesis has announced its new ProTrack Mobile Recording Kit is now shipping. Here's the details in their own words...
The Alesis ProTrack Mobile Recording Kit combines the innovative ProTrack handheld recorder for iPod with Alesis' new AM2 Stereo Microphone Set. The kit enables musicians and recording engineers to record high-quality stereo sound directly to their iPod from a wide variety of sources.
The ProTrack provides direct-to-iPod, stereo, digital recording in a portable, handheld form. Consumers can capture live audio anywhere and anytime with their iPod. The ProTrack's design integrates the iPod into the recorder and clear, protective covers securely mount the user's iPod to the recorder.
Users can record detailed, stereo audio using the ProTrack's onboard dual condenser microphones, which are fixed in XY-stereo configuration for reliable stereo imaging. While the onboard microphones are capable of capturing quality sound, the ProTrack Mobile Recording Kit includes the AM2 Stereo Microphone Set, a matched-stereo, cardioid condenser microphone kit with two AM2 microphones, windscreens, clips, a padded hard case and an XY-stereo mount.
Using the ProTrack with the AM2 microphones enables the user to place a microphone with near-limitless flexibility in both stereo-miking techniques and applications. For example, drummers can use the AM2s to capture their drumset, guitarists can capture a stereo image of their acoustic guitar or amplifier and bands can record their sets live, in stereo. The ProTrack supplies the necessary 48V phantom power to power the AM2 condenser microphones.
AM2 microphones are low profile, miniature cardioid condensers with switchable -10dB attenuation and high-pass filter. With a clean fet amplifier and a transformerless output stage, AM2 microphones offer low-self-noise, high-resolution audio capture. Their small diaphragm condenser capsules offer excellent pickup of the "air" that characterizes high-quality small diaphragm condensers.
AM2 microphones can be used very close to a sound source without the sound becoming harsh. The switchable high-pass filter reduces interferences through subsonic and low frequencies and compensates for proximity effect. The attenuation switch enables the microphone to handle high sound pressure levels without distortion.
"The ProTrack Mobile Recording Kit makes the ProTrack even more flexible," said Jim Norman, Product Manager, Alesis. "You can place these tiny, quality mics nearly anywhere and grab excellent audio."
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