WNAMM09: Numark HDMIX Mobile DJ System Ships

GB Ultra-compact DJ system plays multiple formats and stores 10,000 songs      17/01/09

WNAMM09: Numark HDMIX Mobile DJ System Ships

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Numark has announced that HDMIX, a compact, portable and expandable all-in-one mobile DJ system is now available. Here's all the details from their press release:
HDMIX gives DJs everything they need to perform anywhere, and simply requires a pair of powered speakers or connection to the venue's house PA. The all-in-one system eliminates hours of moving heavy racks and cases, running cables and testing levels, and puts everything in a single box at a DJ's fingertips.
Built around Numark's expertise in designing and manufacturing the world's best DJ mixers, HDMIX has all of the features a professional DJ needs to command their performances. However, HDMIX isn't simply a DJ mixer: it's also a CD player with standard controls, an iPod and USB-device mixing station that plays MP3 and other digital files from its removable, upgradeable hard drive. HDMIX also simplifies DJ performances with Numark's exclusive Crate system, which makes finding and cueing tracks remarkably easy.
HDMIX has been specifically designed for mobile DJs and club owners who need a compact, portable system that sets up and packs away at a moment's notice; it enables users to load in and out in one trip.
HDMIX keeps music playing under any circumstance. Its on-board, high-definition color LCD screen and included alphanumeric USB keyboard enable DJs to instantly access music tracks. Comprehensive inputs and outputs and housing in rugged, heavy-duty steel ensure that HDMIX will stand up under the real-world rigors of DJ life.
For DJs that want an all-in-one solution that is also expandable, HDMIX is an ideal system. HDMIX features an internal hard drive and an internal CD/DVD drive that plays CD, MP3-CDs and MP3-DVDs, and allows field-ripping music from a disc directly into the built-in hard drive. This allows the mobile DJ to connect to nearly any venue's setup, and carry everything they need for a plug-and-play performance under one arm.
"HDMIX is the ultimate system for mobile DJs," said Adam Cohen, Director of Business Development, Numark. "It's a mixer, a CD player, a mass-storage player and a set-management utility in a compact package that fits under your arm."
Pricing and Availability:
HDMIX is now available from DJ and pro audio retailers at an MSRP of $1,499.99 and an estimated street price of $999.99. More information:

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