WNAMM09: Spectrasonics Reveals RMX 1.7 With Time Designer

US New version of RMX with ground-breaking control over audio grooves      16/01/09

WNAMM09: Spectrasonics Reveals RMX 1.7 With Time Designer

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Spectrasonics have been demonstrating Stylus RMX version 1.7 featuring an innovative and completely new capability called Time Designer which intelligently transforms RMX audio loops into different time signatures and features the ability to "Groove Lock" the feel of any groove to another  all in real time. Time Designer also lets the user create instant pattern variations with smart algorithms based on musical rules, and to 'simplify' any RMX groove in a musical manner. Version 1.7 is also the first 64-bit native software release from Spectrasonics and includes useful workflow enhancements to RMX, such as Suite Editing and Host Transport Sync.
Eric Persing, Founder and Creative Director of Spectrasonics told us, "Stylus RMX version 1.7 with Time Designer will be a major creative boost for many users with its ability to instantly Groove Lock to the feel of any groove across the whole core library of grooves and expanders. It's like suddenly having ten times the amount of grooves at your fingertips! Over the years, many composers and arrangers have requested the ability to have any groove in any time signature: now they can. With all of this and the ability to create pattern variations in a totally musical way, the new version of RMX is almost a rebirth of the plug-in and how it can be used. We are really looking forward to seeing how this inspires our users to take their groove production into brand new musical directions."
The new RMX version 1.7 reveals a totally new way to browse and use the entire RMX core library and SAGE Xpanders by offering the user the ability to Groove Lock any loop in real time to another loop or MIDI File. The user simply chooses a designated loop as the Groove Lock master, and switches one button: now all the loops that are played as the user browses are Groove Locked to that main feel.
And all of RMX's Time Designer capabilities are available in any designated time signature. Once new Time Signatures are selected, the browsing experience works the same way  dramatically changing the experience of groove production in time signatures other than 4/4. Working on a 6/8 ballad? Simply choose 6/8 in Time Designer and the entire RMX library is now instantly available rearranged in 6/8 patterns.
For multiple time signatures in a piece of music the user simply sets the first time signature variation, drags and drops the MIDI file to the sequencer, then sets the time signature to a new one and repeats the process for each section of music that requires a new time signature. The MIDI Files that are dragged to the host sequencer are "imprinted" with all the Groove Lock and Time Signature changes in the MIDI data, making it easy to customize the loops further.
Time Designer's Pattern Variation section allows the user to instantly check out useful variations on a loop - which works differently than the constantly shifting/improvising 'Chaos Designer' feature that RMX introduced. Time Designer makes rearrangements of the pattern based on a series of musical rules creating useful variations, and is available for all time signatures (including 4/4 pattern variations). Best of all, Time Designer and Chaos Designer can be used together.
All Time Designer features will also work on third party RMX libraries and imported REX files, as long as the grooves are sliced properly.
RMX version 1.7 also sports several user-requested features such as suite editing for easy customization and better 'Favorites' management of users own collections of loops, sequencer host transport sync so that RMX will follow the host sequencer's transport controls and song position.
Version 1.7 is also the first 64-bit native software release from Spectrasonics, keeping pace with the industry-wide move towards 64-bit systems and access to more RAM. Windows 64-bit compatibility will be released first, then 64-bit Mac versions to follow.
Stylus RMX v1.7 Features:
    • Worlds-first software to rearrange audio loops into different time signatures in real-time!
    • Create instant Pattern Variations for any groove, with smart algorithms based on musical rules
    • Groove Lock" any RMX groove to another RMX groove's feel
    • Groove Lock" to external MIDI files
    • 'Simplify' control alters the pattern complexity of any RMX loop
    • Strengthen or Loosen the feel of any groove.
    • Browse core library in real-time with any time signature, feel or variation you need
    • Time Shift can rush, drag or offset the groove in milliseconds or rhythmic values
    • Grid Quantize and Swing controls
    • Factory Groove Lock templates library includes legendary Akai MPC, Latin, New Orleans feels
    • Make your own library of Groove Lock templates from any MIDI File or RMX Groove
    • Time Designer works with Third Party and User REX/RMX libraries too
    • Greatly expands any RMX user's existing library, with unlimited useful variations
    • New Time Designer video tutorials show production techniques with the new features
    • 64-Bit native support on Windows (Mac 64-bit support to follow)
    • Suite Editing for easy customization and 'Favorites' management
    • Sequencer Host Transport Lock: RMX follows sequencer transport controls
    • Song Position sync  RMX patterns follow song position of host
Pricing and Availability:
The release date for Stylus RMX v1.7 with Time Designer is March 2, 2009, the update will be FREE to all registered RMX users as a download from the Spectrasonics website. The full retail package of Stylus RMX Xpanded, which includes five S.A.G.E. Xpanders - has an MSRP of $399US/¬299Euro. More information:

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