WNAMM09: More Joe Satriani FX From Vox

Big Bad Wah and the Time Machine      16/01/09

WNAMM09: More Joe Satriani FX From Vox

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Following the release of the Satchurator" analog distortion pedal, VOX Amplification are expanding the VOX & Joe Satriani guitar effects line with the introduction of the Time Machine delay pedal (as previously reported by Sonic State) and the Big Bad Wah dual wah pedal. Here's the VOX press release...
These pedals are part of an ongoing partnership between VOX and the legendary guitarist. Satriani has been an active part of the R&D team, pouring his years of expertise into the pedals' look, feel and sound. As with all pedals in the VOX & Joe Satriani line, the Big Bad Wah and the Time Machine feature a modern-day pedal design, a high level of workmanship and the flexibility to express not only Satriani's signature tones, but also the individual tones of all guitarists playing them.
The Big Bad Wah is a dual wah pedal that enables switchable access to two completely different onboard wahs. Wah 1 is classic VOX through and through, with an unmistakable British tone hot-rodded to Satriani's specifications. Wah 2 can be customized to the user's desired wah tone with the pedal's controls: two selectable inductors (UK-style and U.S.-style), a Drive knob that delivers a wide range of gain, mimicking the Wah 1 gain at its lowest setting and delivering a 10 dB boost as the maximum setting for aggressive overtones and soloing. Wah 2 has a powerful Voice switch that can provide traditional wah voicing, as well as a dark, resonant tone reminiscent of a vintage talk-box. The pedal pot itself is also designed to Satriani's specs, delivering a smooth, musical tone throughout the entire travel of the pedal.

The Time Machine delay, named after Satriani's classic album Time Machine (Epic Records, 1993), offers a unique mix of tonal colors, wide delay range and musical dexterity that sets it apart from other delays. It comes complete with two delay modes: Mode 1 is "Modern" mirroring the player's original sound with full clarity and fidelity. Mode 2 is "Vintage" limiting the frequency response and adding in soft distortion, along with subtle analog-accurate tape warble. Further tone enhancements come from Satriani's request for a Hi-Fi/Lo-Fi switch. The Hi-Fi setting delivers a transparent, uncolored sound, while the Lo-Fi setting serves up his custom EQ filter settings, allowing smooth blending into any musical situation. The delay time ranges from a 30ms slap-back to nearly six full seconds (5,800ms) of delay. Users can also use the Tap Tempo function to quickly set the delay time on the fly. In addition, the pedal also features both a wet and dry output.
Big Bad Wah Specifications:
  • Controls: Pedal Controller; Drive Knob; Voice Switch; Inductor Select Switch; Wah 1 / Wah 2 Switch
  • In/Out: 1/4" Input, 1/4" Output
  • Power: One 9V manganese battery (6F22  included) or AC adapter (optional)
Time Machine Specifications:
  • Controls: Level; Delay Range; Time; Feedback; ON switch; Tap tempo & Modern/Vintage switch; Hi-Fi / Lo-Fi switch
  • In/Out: 1/4" Input, 1/4" Output Dry Signal / and 1/4" output wet signal
  • Power: One 9V battery (included) or AC adapter (optional)
Pricing and Availability:
Available in February 2009, with pricing TBC More information:

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