WNAMM09: Hand-Held Wireless Mic

US Line 6 announces X2 XDR955 system      16/01/09

WNAMM09: Hand-Held Wireless Mic

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Line 6 has announced their X2 XDR955 handheld microphone system with rack-mountable receiver, the latest addition to its XDR95 series of digital wireless systems.
Don Boomer, product line manager, Line 6, told us, "This announcement puts Line 6 at the forefront of digital wireless microphone technology. With the XDR955, vocalists and sound engineers can be confident that every nuance of a vocal performance will be delivered to their audience with unsurpassed reliability, sonic clarity and freedom from interference."
Here's what Line 6 have to say in their press release... XDR955 digital wireless system will welcome singers, orators and presenters into the fold of professionals who have already discovered the benefits of performing with Line 6 Digital Wireless systems. The system, which includes a cardioid microphone with a transmitter at its base and a powerful rack-mountable receiver, boasts an extended frequency response of 10 Hz  20 kHz for clear and commanding voices at ranges of up to 300 feet, the length of a football field.
Like all Line 6 Digital Wireless systems, XDR955 features 24-bit analog-to-digital conversion and a compression-free broadcast. This allows for its wide dynamic range, of over 115 dB, which is greater than that of any comparable analog wireless system, to remain intact from diaphragm to receiver for a rich tone matching that of a high-quality audio cable.
XDR955 instills confidence in professionals by incorporating multiple layers of protection to shield its signal from static, interference and dropouts. Analog wireless signals remain susceptible to interference because they are commonly broadcast over crowded frequencies heavily used by TV stations, private radio systems and other sources of signal interference. Dual-RF anti-jam lets XDR955 broadcast dual signals to four receivers that work simultaneously to avoid signal dropouts. Plus, the system uses a proprietary digital data stream that only recognizes signals embedded with a unique digital signature.
Easy to set up and use, XDR955 is virtually plug-n-play and includes all rack-mounting hardware, batteries and antennas. Enhanced convenience is provided to non-technical users as the system is 2009 Compliant and does not require that operators be licensed by the FCC or registered with any third-party database.
These and other technological advances have already made Line 6 Digital Wireless systems the first choice for countless professional guitarists, bassists and other instrumentalists.
Pricing and Availability:
X2 XDR955 $899 MSRP More information:

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