WNAMM09: Acoustic Drum Software Updated

FXpansion announces BFD2.1      15/01/09

WNAMM09: Acoustic Drum Software Updated

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Fxpansion have announced the debut of BFD version 2.1 the follow-up to FXpansion's best-selling BFD acoustic drum software. Here's what they have to say about it...
BFD2, a powerful production workstation for acoustic drum playback, featuring extreme realism and sound quality, allows for fast and easy set up, with total plug-in integration for any digital audio workstation. It allows assemblage of large custom kits in seconds, with tweak specifics like tuning, damping, velocity response and more. The built-in Groove Engine lets the user create, record and edit drum performances, with a variety of humanization effects.
The BFD sound library, of over 55GB of rare, vintage, boutique and classic drums, including 10 full kits were recorded at London's legendary Air Lyndhurst studios. It features each instrument, captured in immaculate detail, offering multiple mic set-ups including stereo overheads, full room mics, as well as a mid/side room set allowing true mono and incredible-sounding expanded stereo.
BFD2's interface allows the user to work with the mic stems as if they are actually mixing a multi-track recording of a full live kit. It allows the user to freely route, including side-chain signals, and create custom submixes, with a suite of high-quality circuit-modeled processors.
New features in BFD version 2.1:
  • Overloud's "Breverb BFD2 Edition" is now integrated into the BFD2 mixer – including, Hall, Plate, Room & Inverse algorithms.
  • PSP's "Vintage Warmer BFD2 Edition" is now directly available in the BFD2 mixer.
  • Improved synth engine supporting varied mic and articulation configurations.
  • Many new third party expansion packs are in the pipeline to take advantage of these new features.
  • Preset/Kit switching playlist, controllable via MIDI Program Change.
  • In-place 'kit-piece preview' before loading.
  • 'Load-on-demand RAM' optimization.
  • Many new workflow enhancements in the Kit page, such as Copy, Swap and the ability to move kit-pieces between slots when loaded
  • Workflow improvements in the "Grooves Page", including new edit tools like the Roll Tool; Drum Track enhancements; Redo as well as Undo
Pricing and Availability:
BFD2 is available direct from FXpansion's online store for $399 / €299 / £199, excluding local taxes where applicable. BFD2 upgrade from BFD1.5 is available for a limited time from FXpansion's online store for $199 / €149 / £99, excluding local taxes where applicable. BFD2 & BFD2 Upgrade will also be available at all respectable music retailers in most countries worldwide.
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