Podcast: Sonic TALK113 - Happy New Year

Sample recreation, multi-track downloads, NAMM presents      08/01/09

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57:58 mins

Well sorta. Wouldn't you know it? Our trusty streaming provider Stickam had a bad day yesterday, for some reason the channel servers were intermittent while we recorded, so the service was well, pants. We hope normal service will be resumed for next time, but that didn't stop us making the show. A rare treat this week came in the form of Dave Robinson, editor at Pro Sound News Europe, both an online and paper publication who managed to get away from pre NAMM crazyness to talk to us, Emmy winning composer PJ Tracy made a sterling effort to make it after a late night session (of the recording kind), Rich Hilton took some time out of his busy schedule with Nile Rodgers over in Connecticut, whilst in the UK Mark Tinley, sound artist, thinker and public speaker joins us as does Dave Spiers from GForce Software who's deep in preparation for the upcoming NAMM show. Reunited after the Christmas break, we first we talk of the sample recreation service ReplayHeaven.com with some cracking examples, then it's on to the idea of selling multi-tracks of songs and wether it would be a good additional format, then we talk of the looming NAMM show and what anyone has heard, then there's the story of the Stylophone from Dave Robinson who recently interviewed Ben Jarvis, son of the man who brought us the original. Then we say our goodbyes with our bestest Christmas presents. We'll be off next week as I'll be flying out to Anaheim for the NAMM show. Back on the 21st January. Remember... Join Us Live!
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