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Power FX announce the HumBox VM1      19/12/08

VSTi Vocal Synth

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Power FX say that their new HumBox VM1 is a VSTi synth with advanced structure for manipulating sounds that allows a quick creation of quality backing vocals and solo lines, realistic scat melodies and original sound effects. Here's what they have to say about it...
HumBox VM1sounds unique as a melodic line, scat or backing vocal simulation as well as an effect for a Movie & Game soundtrack. VM1 is very sensitive to what you're playing. Press a few MIDI keys and you'll feel it! Listen to demo examples and have a blast using the HumBox!
It comes with 10 Voice Banks and 50 Styles, so each virtual vocalist has a few variations, in which he or she can perform. These Banks and Styles are named to help identify specify vocal character.
All Styles can be used in Solo, Dual or Poly mode, which increases possibilities for the user.
Another great VM1 feature is automatic "phrasing" and "breathing". VM1 has phrase Volume and Pitch envelopes and inserts noises in pauses, which animates the voices considerably.
VM1 has an advanced system of patch parameters: every VM1 Style is a set of 7 patches, and their parameters are used for calculating the current patch on the base of musical context: Velocities, Note Numbers and music Intervals. Due to the "morphing of patch parameters" the sound very sensitive to musician's play or to a MIDI score. "Phrasing" and insertion of noises add sufficient liveliness of the sampled synthesis. We call this approach "Context Dependent Expressive Synthesis".
The interface is very simple, so musicians are freed from technical details, and have wide possibilities for manipulating the sound.
Most control elements are intuitive and don't require setting specific values. They are used to increase or reduce any given parameter of sound. So, after loading Bank and Style you can easily set the sound according to your needs.
In addition to that, all sections have QuickHelp - brief comments that can be shown on top of the program window.
So, listen to demo songs, take a look at the very detailed help file, watch the tutorials and have a blast using the HumBox VM1!
Pricing and Availability:
$49 USD More information:

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