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US Puremagnetik Releases BIG08 for Ableton Live 7      20/11/08

3GB Of Sounds

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Puremagnetik has released BIG08 - over 3 Gigabytes of Micropaks from Puremagnetik's 2008 catalog. BIG08 includes a collection of sampled instruments and effects specifically programmed to utilize Ableton Live 7's unique features. Here's all the details from their press release...
From electric pianos to drum machines and vintage synthesizers, BIG08 boasts a sweeping palette of Puremagnetik quality sounds that instantly install into the Ableton Live 7 library.
BIG Savings
BIG08 saves customers 30% when compared to purchasing each Micropak individually. BIG Features
  • Over 3GB of "Live Ready" Sounds
  • Over 350 MIDI and Audio Clips
  • Sophisticated Racks for Advanced Sound Sculpting
  • Customized Macro Controls for Instant Parameter Tweaking
  • Modular Design Allows for Mixing and Matching Between Racks
BIG Collection of Sounds
BIG08 includes the following "Live Ready" Micropaks from Puremagnetik's 2008 catalog.
  • Digital Beatboxes - Four famous old-school digital drum machines are at your fingertips with Digital Beatboxes. Included in this Micropak are models of the Korg DDD1, Alesis HR-16, Kawai R-50 and the rare Soviet "Sound" drum machine.
  • Blip - Blip is a unique collection of instruments, kits and looped beats sourced from the original Atari 2600 sound chip. Lo-fi, gritty and nostalgically charming, Blip will instantly teleport you back to 1982!
  • Big Bertha - Big Bertha is a full featured, high quality multisampled electric bass instrument and a collection of over 60 deep and funky looped clips.
  • Guitar Rack Volume 2 - Guitar Rack Volume 2 contains an assortment of immaculately captured acoustic guitar chord menus, articulations and looped phrases.
  • Metalsphere - Metalsphere is a powerful sound design toolbox of intense soundscapes, suspenseful textures and horrific environments.
  • Vector - Vector instantly turns Ableton Live into a full blown production workstation that includes a huge library of wave sequences, attack transients and vector morphing.
  • AmpPak - A collection of sophisticated amplifier and speaker effects. Includes 17 amp models and audio annihilating processors.
  • Model C - Advanced multi-sampled Hohner Clavinet instrument. Includes a collection of Ableton Live Clips, Apple Loops and Beat Machine Loops for Kontakt.
  • Analog Bass Volume 2 - A complete bass sound set focused entirely on the classic KORG MS-20 synthesizer.
  • TeeBee - Puremagnetik has meticulously captured every nuance and style of the original Roland TB-303! Heavy acid bass lines, squelchy resonant leads and thick analog sounds can all be found in TeeBee.
  • PM Mark One - A unique Fender Rhodesâ„¢ sound library complete with complex multisampled instruments, performance loops and effects.
  • Technosphere - Puremagnetik's Technosphere is a sound design toolbox of over 100 soundscapes, transition effects and ambiances.
System Requirements
  • Requires Ableton Live 7 (Ableton Sampler is not required)
  • 3.1 GB free hard drive space (4GB recommended)
  • 500 MB of physical RAM
Pricing and Availability:
BIG08 can be downloaded immediately upon checkout with an option to order .
BIG08 is currently priced at: $98 USD
More information:

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