IK Multimedia Celebrates One Million Installations

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IK Multimedia Celebrates One Million Installations

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IK Multimedia has announced that it has surpassed 1,000,000 software installations worldwide with its range of plug-ins and software applications for music production. They tell us that this represents an enormous milestone for a company that started 12 years ago with the goal of "helping people to change the way they make music". Here's the press release that they have sent us...
A history of achievements
IK Multimedia has been one of the pioneers in the computer music revolution and a constant innovator with one of the widest ranges of plug-ins, music software and studio/stage hardware available today. Since its first product, the groundbreaking loop-remixing software, GrooveMaker, released in 1998, IK has been a leader in software innovation with achievements like:
  • 1999 T-RackS The first analog-modeled desktop mastering solution
  • 2001 SampleTank The first multi-timbral, sample-based virtual instrument workstation plug-in
  • 2002 AmpliTube The first guitar amp and fx plug-in, modeling the entire rig for all platforms
  • 2005 Ampeg SVX The first bass amp and fx plug-in
  • 2006 StealthPlug The first audio cable interface
  • 2007 ARC System The first acoustic room correction system in a plug-in
  • 2008 StompIO The first stage controller and audio interface for live AmpliTube usage
  • 2008 X-GEAR The first expandable, guitar/bass amp and fx software system
You can hear IK's products in countless productions worldwide and in scores of Grammy and Oscar winning songs. IK's range of software and hardware has evolved the way people make music on their computer, offering users never seen before, easy-to-use but powerful software and hardware tools. Through constant work, IK has achieved the dream of today's one million installations.
The Million Installations Celebration
As a thank you to our loyal IK users that have helped us reach this milestone and for new users to join the IK family, IK celebrates this event with the largest software giveaway ever, great prizes, and an unprecedented offer:
  • IK's Million Dollar Software Giveaway!
    As a way of thanking all of our loyal IK registered users who have been with us from the start, we are giving away one free piece of software to each registered IK user. You can choose one plug-in from any of the following: Ampeg SVX UNO, AmpliTube 2 DUO, T-RackS 3 EQ and SampleTank 2.5 SE! Get a free bass rig, guitar rig, high-end mastering/mixing EQ or sample workstation software. Simply enter the IK User Area online, choose your free software, download it and start using it right away! It's IK's way of showing how much we appreciate all of our users who have supported us during the last 12 years.
  • IK Software for Life!
    On November 30th 2008, we will publicly announce which IK user is going to have free IK software for life, all because they are the lucky one-millionth-installation user! Watch out for the announcement on our site to check if you are the lucky winner.
  • Tell Us Your IK Story and Win!
    From now until December 15th 2008, send us your story of how IK products have helped you in making music and you may be one of the 10 lucky winners to be selected to win from over $18,000 in software and hardware super-prizes from IK Multimedia and our sponsors: Broadjam.com, Digidesign, Tunecore, PCAudioLabs, Moog Music Inc., Mackie, Yamaha, MOTU and PreSonus.
  • IK's Unprecedented All-Range Buy-One-Get-One Free!
    From November 15th till December 31st 2008, every customer that purchases one full or crossgrade version from the IK product range will receive one product of equal or lesser value free! Buy anywhere and register one of these products: StompIO™, ARC System™, Total Workstation Rack, Total Studio 2, Total Workstation 2, Total Guitar & Bass Gear, T-RackS® 3, SampleTank® 2.5 XL, Miroslav Philharmonik™, AmpliTube® 2, Ampeg SVX™, Classik Studio Reverb™ (CSR), Sonik Synth™ 2, AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix™, AmpliTube Metal™, SampleTron™, SampleMoog™, SampleTank 2.5 L, Miroslav Philharmonik Classik™ or StealthPlug™ and you will be able to download one piece of software FREE from IK!
That's the Million Installations Celebration!
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