Second Coming For Cakewalk Synths

US Cakewalk releases Galbanum's Second Coming Expansion Pack for Rapture and Rapture LE      13/11/08

Second Coming For Cakewalk Synths

Cakewalk has released Second Coming, the latest Expansion Pack created by Galbanum for the Rapture and Rapture LE synthesizers. Here's what they have to say in their press release...
Second Coming enhances Rapture's, soundset for creating fresh new sounds for Dance, House, Trance, and Techno music. Second Coming provides 400 new presets based exclusively on 600 MB of new custom content for Rapture. Second Coming also takes advantage of Rapture's 's award-winning Expression Engine and newest features introduced in version 1.1, including its filter modes, DSP transforms, signal routing, tempo-synched envelopes, 64-bit processing, stereo waveforms, and more.
"Galbanum is a leader in creating tools for sound designers, and we're pleased to work with them again on Second Coming. Piscis was such a hit with our customers that we're happy to be able to offer another Galbanum Expansion Pack," said Cakewalk Product Manager Brian Desmond. "High-end, robust, and affordable expansions like Second Coming are another way we're providing innovative new sounds for today's artist at a tremendous value."
Galbanum founder and Second Coming creator Andrew Souter was excited to develop another Expansion Pack for Rapture. "Cakewalk's Expression Engine, SFZ format, and Rapture product are really a pleasure to develop for," he said. "The Cakewalk formats are incredibly well thought out for the power developer, and the fidelity of the Rapture engine is truly industry-leading."
Today's announcement furthers Cakewalk's commitment to support our instrument customers with new sounds after their initial purchase. Along with Piscis, the company also released earlier this year a Minimoog Tribute Expansion Pack, designed by Craig Anderton for Rapture and Rapture LE, which gave customers exciting new sounds derived from classic Minimoog samples and enhanced with Rapture's modern synthesis features.
A third Galbanum Expansion Pack for Rapture and Rapture LE is currently in development.
Second Coming Expansion Pack for Rapture highlights
  • 600 MB of new content, 1,393 files in all
  • 80 custom, 64-bit, 65,536 point LFO Waveforms
  • 40 velocity cross-faded multi-waveform SFZ instruments
  • 16 special new "Spectrum Sample" SFZ instruments that span eight octaves
  • Stereo waveforms that produce sounds with huge, 3-D-like spatial images
  • Modulation Matrix and MIDI Controller assignments which enable complex sound morphing and eliminate static or lifeless presets
  • Perfect for creating Dance, House, Trance, Techno, Progressive, Downtempo and other electronic music styles
About Rapture The 2008 MIPA winner for Best Software Instrument, Rapture lets users produce rich, hypnotic, and rhythmic basses, leads, and pads, and is perfect for performing and designing the modern synthesized sounds igniting today's pop, dance, and electronic music.
About Galbanum
Galbanum is a company dedicated to exploring the synergistic marriage of art and technology. It produces future-forward, industry-leading soundware products and sound-design tools for some of the best companies and artists in the industry. Galbanum's twin passions are "sonic science" and "aural allusion" and its products strive always to balance industry leading technical excellence with a connection to, and expansion of, the human condition. For more information on Galbanum, go to
Pricing and Availability:
The Second Coming Expansion Pack is available to registered Rapture and Rapture LE customers for $59.95
More information:

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