Line6 Ships POD X3 Pro

US Release the POD doors, Hal      12/11/08

Line6 Ships POD X3 Pro

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We've had a Press Release to say that Line 6 has begun shipping their new POD X3 Pro and it is now available worldwide. First unveiled at MusikMesse earlier this year, it's the most powerful of the Line6 POD, err.. line-up.

Here's what they say:-

"Professional guitarists are demanding more power and versatility from their gear, and Line 6 answers the call with POD X3 Pro. Fully loaded, POD X3 Pro has everything professionals need including hundreds of stunning POD tones, a comprehensive set of ins and outs and crucial plug-in functionality. "All of the pro inputs and outputs you need are built into the rock-solid metal chassis of the POD X3 Pro,"remarks James Martin, Line 6 Product Marketing Manager" and with Dual Tone power you have everything you need to sound great on stage and in the studio."

POD X3 Pro features two discreet signal paths and can serve two separate instruments simultaneously, each with its own complete signal chain of amps and effects. Conversely, Dual Tone processing lets a player treat POD X3 Pro like an A/B/Y box. Sending a single-input signal through two different amp and effect chains, a player can choose one, the other, or both sounds to attain one-pass double-tracked guitars or to create gorgeous dual-layered sounds.

POD X3 Pro comes complete with a powerful software bundle: POD Farm® Plug-in, the premium tone plug-in, delivers POD tone to any DAW and works seamlessly with all major recording applications including Pro Tools®, Ableton Live®, GarageBand®, Logic®, Cakewalk®/Sonar® and others. GearBox® lets users edit, share, transfer and backup their tones using an easy-to-use computer interface.

Intuitive design and ease-of-use are key concepts behind POD X3 Pro. A large LCD gives players one-touch signal-chain display and access. Sounds can be fully modified on-the-fly without distracting from the performance. With a complete array of inputs and outputs, including 1/4-inch, XLR, USB, MIDI, S/PDIF, Variax® and more, POD X3 Pro prepares players for any situation. Constructed in a robust aluminum chassis, POD X3 Pro is built to inspire as well as endure a professional schedule."

MSRP: $979.99

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