TC Electronic PowerCore 6000 Now Shipping

US System 6000 algorithms combined with the PowerCore platform      06/11/08

TC Electronic PowerCore 6000 Now Shipping

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TC Electronic has announced that PowerCore 6000, the latest addition to the PowerCore platform, is now shipping. By combining their System 6000 algorithms with the PowerCore platform, TC Electronic say that PowerCore 6000 gives users the ultimate studio tool for their DAWs.
Here's the press release:
PowerCore 6000 features eight FreeScale DSP engines, the same DSPs used in System 6000, and it has an SRAM memory design that supports high performance reverbs and delays. This enables users to run famous and heralded reverbs and delay-algorithms from System 6000 with popular DAWs like Logic Pro, as well as with any other VST- and Audio Units-compatible host.
With the inclusion of the System 6000 plug-ins, PowerCore 6000 is one of the most powerful mixing and mastering solutions for DAWs available today. PowerCore 6000 includes 7 pristine plug-in algorithms, which are ported 1:1 from System 6000: VSS3 Stereo Source Reverb, Nonlin2, DVR 2 Digital Vintage Reverb MD3 Stereo Mastering, Brickwall Limiter, UnWrap stereo to 5.1 conversion and TapFactory.
Powercore 6000 includes three of TC Electronic's best reverbs. Starting off with the VSS3 Stereo Source Reverb, a genuine and original reverb directly ported from the System 6000. NonLin2, an effects reverb which differs from the traditional natural sounding TC reverbs. NonLin2 is capable of generating compact vocal ambience; percussive and dramatic drum sounds, reverse reverbs and completely new "twisted" effects. Completing the reverb section of PowerCore 6000 is DVR 2 Digital Vintage Reverb. Careful attention was put into preserving the qualities of the original EMT250 processor, including sweet modulation, spectral balance, spaciousness and saturation. Not only is DVR2 the most precise EMT250 emulation up to now, it also emulates its predecessor in the way parameters interact for different settings.
In addition to the industry-wide respected reverbs, PowerCore 6000 is also the perfect tool for mastering. PowerCore 6000 offers MD3 Stereo Mastering, System 6000s famous and heralded high-end mastering tool. M and S components of a stereo signal can be processed separately and provide even more control making full use of the Spectral Stereo Enhancer. The mastering options given with the inclusion of the legendary MD3 mastering tool are supported through 2 more plug-ins. Brickwall Limiter, the plug-in used to get rid of the signals known to generate distortion in consumer CD players, radio processors and data reduction codecs and Unwrap 5.1, the tool that facilitates smooth and fast stereo to 5.1 up-conversion. Rounding out the robust plug-in package that comes with PowerCore 6000, users get TapFactory, a delay/reverb hybrid based on the Reflector algorithm from System 6000. TapFactory features effects that range from Reverbs like Ambience and Early Reflections to Delay, and allows individual parameter settings for each of its 24 taps within seconds.
PowerCore 6000 is ideal for high-end production environments where unsurpassed quality and processing capabilities are required. Designed for serious studios and professional applications, the PowerCore 6000 is sure to deliver, and it will meet even the most demanding tasks and requirements.
PowerCore 6000 ships with PowerCore software 3.2 and is compatible with the latest Mac OS and Windows XP/Vista 32.
Pricing and Availability:
PowerCore 6000 is available at a suggested retail price of EUR 2999. More information:

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