Playing And Recording Guitar With Waves GTR

Waves and publish a new openmixt interactive DVD by Craig Anderton      06/11/08

Playing And Recording Guitar With Waves GTR

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Waves Audio and have announced the publication of 21st Century Guitarist, Playing & Recording Guitar with Waves GTR, a new OpenMix interactive DVD featuring an eBook by internationally-recognized music expert Craig Anderton. Here's all the details that Waves have sent us...
In 21st Century Guitarist, Anderton gives a user-friendly, easy-to-read guide to the use of GTR Solo, Waves' highly acclaimed collection of modeled virtual amps, cabs and effects. GTR Solo gives users click-of-a-mouse access to the world's most sought-after vintage and contemporary gear. 21st Century Guitarist and Waves GTR Solo are tailor-made for guitar players looking to turn their computers into processing powerhouses.
Featuring an introduction by famed guitar maker and GTR collaborator Paul Reed Smith, 21st Century Guitarist walks users through a complete recording session, opening up a whole new world of guitar sound possibilities. Specific topics include:
  • Setting Up Hardware and Software
  • Creating a Virtual Effects Rack
  • Choosing the Perfect Mic and Cabinet
  • Automating Amps and Effects
  • Finding the Perfect Tone
  • Harnessing the Power of MIDI Control
  • Understanding Distortion, Compression, Equalization & More
  • Rocking Out with GTR - Live and In the Studio
In addition to the eBook and accompanying session files, the package includes a demo version of Waves GTR Solo, as well as Reaper, a shareware audio host.
Compatible with all major PC & Mac DAW hosts, 21st Century Guitarist includes OpenMix Session Files for Pro Tools 7.4, Cubase 4.01, Abelton Live 7, Reaper 2.5, GarageBand / Logic 8 and Sonar 8. Like all OpenMix interactive courses, 21st Century Guitarist includes multi-track audio files for hands-on experience with in-depth in-the-box production techniques. Users will experience the entire process as it unfolds, track by track. OpenMix not only walks players through every step of the music-making process, but it also allows them to remix, re-master and add their own tracks to the source material.
21st Century Guitarist is available separately or bundled with the full version of GTR Solo.
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