AES08SF: Korg Introduces Flagship 1-Bit Studio Recorder

Rack-mountable MR-2000S makes its debut in San Francisco      07/10/08

AES08SF: Korg Introduces Flagship 1-Bit Studio Recorder

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Korg has expanded its MR Series of digital recorders with the MR-2000S 1-Bit Studio Recorder. Here’s all the details directly from Korg…
The predecessor of the MR-2000S, the MR-1000, debuted in 2006 as the ultimate portable capture, archive and mastering solution, delivering 5.6 MHz/1-bit high-quality recording capability at an unprecedented nexus of price and performance. Input and feedback from leading recording and mastering engineers have lead to the creation of the MR2000S, offering this same unmatched audio quality and enhanced by additional functionality and studio-ready connectivity. With ultra-high quality sound that exceeds DVD audio, a wide frequency response and the ability to capture and reproduce transient responses and spacial imaging as never before, the MR-2000S introduces a new era in recording quality.
Sleek and flexible, the MR-2000S is a single rack height digital stereo 1-bit recorder, offering 5.6 MHz or 2.8 MHz 1-bit recording, or up to 24-bit 192 kHz PCM recording and playback. 1-bit file formats DSDIFF (used in SACD production), WSD and DSF are all supported, as well as PCM support for standard WAV, BWF (Broadcast WAV) and even MP3 playback. Sampling frequencies for PCM formats range from 44.1 kHz through 192 kHz.
By using the highest-quality components available - the CS4398 Digital to Analog Converter from Cirrus Logic and the Burr-Brown PCM4202 Analog to Digital Converter from Texas Instruments Corporation – the MR-2000S minimizes any possible degradation of the audio signal.
The MR-2000S offers the essential connectors for today’s professional workplace. Analog connectors include XLR balanced input/output jacks, and RCA unbalanced input/output jacks. The reference level of the XLR jacks can be switched in a range of -12/-14/-16/-18/-20 dB, allowing the MR-2000S to be used in any recording environment from a music-related studio to a broadcast facility. Digital connectors include S/PDIF coaxial jacks for PCM sources, as well as word clock jacks for synchronization with other devices or a second MR-2000S unit. The MR-2000S also features a multi-step LED level meter with excellent response speed and high visibility.
Korg’s AudioGate™ version 1.5 audio file converter software is included, supporting reading/playback of MR project files and for converting to various file formats - including from 1-bit to the various multi-bit PCM formats, importing MP3, AAC and Apple lossless (with QuickTime 7), and WMA (Windows Media Audio, Windows only) - as well as improved conversion routines for all formats, enhancing the performance of this powerful software application. AudioGate allows the splitting and combining of individual files, fade in/out curves, and gain change as well as DC offset correction.
The unit’s built-in 80 GB hard disk allows up to approximately 120 hours of recording (44.1 kHz 16-bit two track), or approximately 14.5 hours at the highest quality (1-bit 5.6448 MHz two track). Up to 400 projects can be created for each of up to 400 recording date folders (160,000 possible projects total). USB 2.0 “high speed� mode is supported for rapid file transfer to and from users’ computers.
Main features
  • 1-bit recorder (2-track simultaneous recording / 2-track simultaneous playback) in a 1U size that can be easily integrated into the studio or live sound reinforcement rigs.
  • Superlative future-proof audio quality with 5.6 MHz or 2.8 MHz 1-bit recording, or up to 24-bit 192 kHz PCM recording and playback. 1-bit DSDIFF, WSD, and DSF file formats are all supported, as well as BWF (Broadcast WAV), and even MP3 playback .
  • The built-in 80 GB hard disk allows up to approximately 120 hours of recording (44.1kHz 16-bit two track recording), and over 14 hours of top quality 5.6 MHZ 1-bit recording.
  • Coaxial digital I/O (S/P DIF) for PCM sources integrates into existing production environments.
  • Word clock I/O allows synchronization with other devices or a second MR-2000S unit.
  • Detailed LED level meters with excellent visibility and response speed.
  • The analog input (XLR) reference level can be switched between -12/-14/-16/-18/-20 dB.
  • Up to 400 projects can be created in the MR-2000S for each recording date folder.
  • Exclusive AudioGate version 1.5 audio file convertor software is included. This software supports reading and conversion of MR project files, fundamental editing, and adds support for file formats such as AAC, MP3 and WMA. USB2.0 High Speed mode is supported for speedy file transfer to and from your computer.
For more detailed information about 1-bit recording technology, please refer to the technical white paper available on the MR Series product pages at the Korg website.
Pricing and Availability:
The Korg MR-2000S 1-Bit Studio Recorder will be available in December with a target U.S. MSRP of $1,999 USD and £1299 GBP More information:

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