Pocket-Sized Headphone Amps

Vox expands the Amplug range that allow guitarists to practice anywhere without the need for a full size amp      12/09/08

Pocket-Sized Headphone Amps

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Vox have announced two new models in their popular amPlug range of portable headphone amplifiers - amPlug Lead and amPlug Bass. Here’s the details directly from their press release…
  • Headphone guitar/bass amps that instantly give you serious sound by plugging directly into your guitar/bass.
  • "Lead" delivers hi-gain lead guitar sounds, plus a digital delay effect.
  • "Bass" features a full-range bass sound with a compressor/boost effect.
  • Totally analog design faithfully simulates the circuitry response of the original amp.
  • Battery-powered operation lets you play anywhere.
  • AUX input jack allows jam sessions with your CD/MP3 player.
The amPlug series received wide-ranging acclaim from guitarists around the world for delivering incredible guitar tone in a pocket-sized unit. Now, the existing range is joined by two new units. "Lead" is based on a US-made high-gain boutique amp, further modified for lead guitar. It also contains a digital delay effect, delivering a huge, spatial sound that could not be previously obtained, and giving you a rich and full-fledged lead sound that you can play anytime and anywhere. For the bassist, "Bass" is modeled on VOX's classic AC100 bass amp, and expands its potential with a full-range tone that supports today's bass sounds. A compressor/boost effect provides not just compression but also a thick overdrive sound, giving you the perfect tones for performing in any style. Careful attention has been paid to the sound quality, and a high-quality FET buffer circuit has been used to obtain even greater dynamic range. .
VOX amPlug Lead/Bass Specifications
  • Power supply: two AAA batteries
  • Battery life: with alkaline batteries: Lead (FX ON) =approximately 16 hours, Bass= approximately 18 hours, with zinc-carbon batteries: Lead_(FX ON)_=approximately 5 hours, Bass= approximately 6 hours.
  • Dimensions: 86(W) x 80(D) x 31(H) mm / 3.39" (W) x 3.15"(D) x 1.22"(H)
  • Weight: 40g /1.41oz. (not including batteries).
  • Included items: two AAA zinc-carbon batteries
Pricing and Availability:
Price: TBC
Availability: NOV 2008 More information:

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