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Presonus record the funk and put it online      02/09/08

Tower Of Power Videos

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Presonus have some videos of Tower Of Power online now. Here’s the press release that they sent to us…
On May 30, 2008 Tower of Power took the Sweetwater Gearfest 2008 stage and PreSonus was there to capture the most amazing greasy funk Fort Wayne has not experienced since 2004. Four years ago when TOP funkifized Fort Wayne at Gearfest 2004, PreSonus recorded the show with a FirePod, and two Eureka’s (ten inputs) on an Apple Powerbook laptop. This year PreSonus debuted the FireStudio Lightpipe with four DigiMax FS’ and recorded 32 inputs simultaneously and also videotaped the performance. The videos of the performances as well as interviews of Tower of Power members can be viewed on the Presonus website (see link below).
Description of the recording system used to record the show:
  • All stage inputs (microphones and instruments) connected to front of house mixing board
  • 32 direct outputs from mixing board connected to 32 line Inputs on the four DigiMax FS’ (8 per DigiMax FS)
  • Four DigiMax FS’ are connected to FireStudio Project via four ADAT Lightpipe cables and sync’d via BNC word clock
  • FireStudio Lightpipe connected to Sweetwater Creation Station PC via FireWire Cable
Other components of the recording system included:
  • Cubase 4 recording and production software
  • Monster Cable power conditioner
  • Monster Cable analog and digital cables
  • Gator Cases Shock Mount Rack
Input list for the 32 channels connected to the four DigiMax FS’:
  • 1 Kick inside
  • 2 Sub-kick
  • 3 Snare top
  • 4 Snare bottom
  • 5 Piccolo snare 2
  • 6 High hat
  • 7 Tom 1
  • 8 Tom 2
  • 9 Tom 3
  • 10 Drum overhead right
  • 11 Drum overhead left
  • 12 Bass DI
  • 13 Electric Guitar
  • 14 Keyboard right
  • 15 Keyboard left
  • 16 B3 left
  • 17 B3 right
  • 18 B3 sub
  • 19 Trumpet 1
  • 20 Trumpet 2
  • 21 Baritone Sax
  • 22 Sax 1
  • 23 Sax 2
  • 24 Lead Vocals
  • 25 Background vocal 1
  • 26 Background vocal 2
  • 27 Background vocal 3
  • 28 Background vocal 4
  • 29 Background vocal 5
  • 30 Background vocal 6
  • 31 Audience left
  • 32 Audience right
The FireStudio LightPipe system recorded the entire two and half hour performance flawlessly.
videos and sound samples:

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