UK Anti-Piracy Campaign

International Music Software Trade Association announces launch of IMSTA UK      01/08/08

UK Anti-Piracy Campaign

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The International Music Software Trade Association (IMSTA) is expanding its worldwide music software anti-piracy campaign with the launch of IMSTA UK. The new branch will coordinate a series of activities designed to promote the use of legal music software to a wide audience of end-users in the UK.
IMSTA is a non-profit organisation, whose members include software manufacturers, distributors, resellers, media representatives and educational institutions. Through education-based campaigns, the association aims to reduce the demand for pirated music software by raising awareness about the consequences and effects of software piracy.
IMSTA's new UK Ambassador, Stephanie Sobey-Jones, has 15 years of international work experience with some of the music software industry's leading manufacturers including Steinberg, Sibelius, Propellerheads and Cakewalk. She hs this to say, "Recent studies show that, for the first time in 3 years, software piracy has fallen slightly in the UK. Unfortunately, many people still aren't aware that piracy in one industry sector has a knock on effect in others. Every lost sale makes it harder for software companies to keep updating our favourite programs. Reduced revenue also limits the number of future jobs available for students hoping to work in the music industry. Changes won't happen overnight, but if we can educate people to think more seriously about the consequences of software piracy, that's a big step in the right direction."
IMSTA's Executive Director, Paul Fattahi, told us, "We are very happy and honored to have someone of Stephanie's caliber on board with us. Stephanie has built a solid reputation in the software community for years and our confidence in her abilities could not be higher."
Over the coming year, IMSTA UK's planned activities include presence at music industry and education events, VIP and media campaigns. There will also be a dedicated campaign aimed at schools and colleges, educating the next generation of users about the consequences of software piracy.
UK music industry companies and educational institutions are invited to become members of IMSTA.
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