Robot Upgrades

Skylife releases SampleRobot 3.01, SampleRobot 3.01 Essentials and WaveRobot 3.01      23/07/08

Robot Upgrades

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Skylife have been in touch to tell us that all SampleRobot and WaveRobot products are now available in version 3.01. SampleRobot 3 Essentials is the newly-available base version for all sampling purposes. WaveRobot 3 offers special functions for audio loop editing.
With SampleRobot 3 musicians can create their own virtual musical instruments as well as sound and loop libraries very easily. SampleRobot 3 offers cutting-edge sampling technology. It includes Cakewalk’s Dimension LE software sampler, which is connected via a clever export bridge: SampleRobot’s exports automatically show up in the preset-browser of Dimension LE and can be played instantly as virtual instruments in any VST-host environment. Skylife say that building high quality instruments was never easier. SampleRobot 3 also contains the loop editing software WaveRobot 3. Furthermore SampleRobot 3 comes with more than 1080 MB of premium multi-samples taken from famous synthesizers in Soundfont2 format.
SampleRobot 3 / SampleRobot 3 Essentials Main Functionality
  • Fully automatic sampling of MIDI sound devices
  • Semi-automatic sampling of acoustic instruments, voices and other sound sources
  • Fully automated sampling of VST- and DirectX-instruments
  • Streamlined and easy to use graphical interface
  • WaveRobot included (SampleRobot only, upgrade option for SampleRobot Essentials)
  • Cakewalk Dimension LE software sampler for Windows XP and Mac OSX included (SampleRobot only)
  • Over 400 factory programs spanning acoustic, electric, and synthesized instruments for Dimension LE included (SampleRobot only)
  • Over 150 MB of guitar, bass, piano, percussion, and ethnic multi-samples for Dimension LE included (SampleRobot only)
  • Clever Export Bridge for instant access to created instruments
  • More than 1080 MB (SampleRobot) / 800 MB (SampleRobot Essentials) premium multi-sampled content included
  • Windows WDM support, ASIO 2.1 support
  • Preset manager: over 80 sampling presets for different instruments and situations included (user presets can be created easily)
  • Automatic output of MIDI velocity, after touch, controllers, program change to automatically record all sound nuances
  • Sampling of a complete sound bank with automated program change messages in one go (SampleRobot only)
  • Automatic sample transient recognition (auto-note)
  • Non-destructive graphical loop and marker editing with full zoom functionality (incl. overlapping the stereo left and right waveforms)
  • MIDI monitor (SampleRobot only)
  • Auto functions and user macros for recording format and length, editing, normalizing, fading samples
  • Automatic creation of crossfade loops, backward-forward loops and combinations
  • Advanced loop-searching algorithms
  • Different crossfade types to create inaudible loops
  • Auto arrangement and mapping of multi-samples and release-samples including key maps with velocity splits and real time MIDI controller assignment
  • Release-sample support (SampleRobot only)
WaveRobot 3 Main Functionality
  • Professional Auto-Loop recognition and loop editing for wave files (incl. loop search and pattern markers for optimum results)
  • Alternative Auto-Loop search results are directly accessible
  • Tempo-based and beat-based loop marker editing
  • Automatic functions for truncating silence at the beginning and at the end of the waveform
  • Comfortable editing: Fully scalable and zoomable editor window
  • Ultra-fast waveform zooming and marker editing (even during playback)
  • Graphical overlay of stereo left and right waveforms in realtime possible
  • Graphical overlay of associated loop regions in realtime during marker editing
  • Autogain crossfades for optimum crossfade loops without volume-change during crossfade
  • Supports crossfade loops, forward-backward loops and combinations
  • Intelligent zero-crossing functions
  • WAV drag&drop functionality
  • Audio format: WAV up to 24 Bit, 192 kHz
  • ASIO 2.1 and Windows WDM/MME compatible
  • Crossfade rendering
  • Loop/Crossfade/Release-Sample rendering
  • Batch processing capabilities in conjunction with SampleRobot and SampleRobot Essentials
Pricing and Availability:
Available now
SampleRobot 3: 419 USD / 309 EUR / 219 GBP (Download version)
SampleRobot 3 Essentials: 159 USD / 119 EUR / 89 GBP (Download version)
SampleRobot 3 Essentials + WaveRobot: 229 USD / 169 EUR / 129 GBP (Download version)
WaveRobot 3: 109 USD / 79 EUR / 59 GBP (Download version)
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