Rock Drums for REX2

Beta Monkey Music announced the release of Drum Werks XI      14/07/08

Rock Drums for REX2

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Beta Monkey Music has announced the release of Drum Werks XI, with over 550 new pounding 24 Bit REX2 format loops and a complete matching multi-velocity sample set, for use in programs such as Reason, Cubase, Stylus RMX, and more.
Here’s what Beta Monkey have to say about Drum Werks XI…
�Drum Werks XI covers a wide range of powerful and versatile rock grooves, fills, and one shots in a cohesive single session of drum sounds for songwriters looking for a quick and easy way to write new music with believable and versatile drum tracks.
Drum Werks XI was created for use as a powerful songwriting tool and highly inspiration groove collection. Quickly build all kinds of up-tempo rock and bluesy-rock tracks that feel right and sound great with this toolbox of essential grooves.
Get that big rock sound you’ve been looking for with easy-to-use drum loops with Beta Monkey’s latest release, Drum Werks XI (REX2).�

Drum Werks XI Features:
  • Powerful Rock Drumming: 550+ authentic rock grooves perfect for guitar-driven rock. All loops are taken from the same recording session - all grooves, variations, fills, and multi-velocity samples are sonically-matched. Mix and match between any groove set on the disc.
  • Powerful Rock Sounds: High-end production with world-renowned drum and cymbals. Get rich, defined drum tracks versatile enough for modern as well as classic rock mixes. Tastefully mixed with a minimum of effects and processing, Drum Werks XI will sit beautifully in any mix, yet still allow users enough headroom to experiment and further define and customize the drum sounds.
  • Wide Range of Tempos and Superior Rhythmic Realism: Complete songwriting sets at 100, 110, 140, and 200 BPM. Longer phrases (2, 4 and 8 bar drum loops) ensure more authentic and realistic. Each tempo features grooves, multiple variations, and fills in a wide array of tempos - half-time feels, 16th note feels, double times, and more. Get one shot endings and intros to add the finishing touches impossible with any other drum programming methods.
  • Complete Multi-Velocity Drum and Cymbal Sample Section: The sample kit section includes a complete collection of multi-velocity samples of all the drums and cymbals recorded. Build grooves from scratch or use them to augment any of the 550+ loops.
  • REX2 Software Compatibility: All drum loops and samples are supported for use in Propellerhead Reason, Steinberg Cubase, Apple Logic, Digidesign Pro Tools, Cakewalk Sonar, Image-Line FL Studio, MOTU Digital Performer, MOTU Mach 5, and Spectrasonics Stylus RMX.
Pricing and Availability:
$29.99 More information:

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