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GB Clavia releases Nord Stage OS v3.12 and Nord Stage Manager v3.12      25/06/08

Clavia Updates

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Clavia have announced the immediate release of the new Nord Stage operating system version 3.12 and the Nord Stage Manager version 3.12. These updates are accompanied by a new USB driver version 2.06 and one new Grand Piano sample, the Studio Grand mk 2 Yamaha C7 Close. These updates are compatible with all previous and current Nord Stage hard ware models and revisions and are available to Nord Stage users for free at the website.
The new features in the Nord Stage OS v3.12 are:
  • Mono Piano mode - this will apply to all the acoustic stereo grand’s and uprights in the Stage. The Mono Mode will be activated from the panel by pressing the Clav EQ Soft/Medium button, no substitution of the samples in the Nord Stage will be necessary.
  • Improved Sustain Down functionality - some of the more elaborate Nord Stage acoustic pianos have pedal-down samples, which are activated when the sustain pedal is operated. The activation and de-activation of these samples has been improved.
  • Extended Synth Program Library - the new Stage OS will increase the synth program library to include a total of 300 programs.
  • New digital waveforms - the selection of digital waveforms in the Synth Section have been increased to 77.
  • Improved Sys Ex support - the Sys Ex capabilities will allow users to be able to dump or load entire banks and/or individual synth programs via MIDI.
  • Voice Allocation - the voice allocation of the Synth Section have been improved, minimizing any issues when the available polyphony runs out.
  • Velocity Curves - the Extern Section have been updated with selectable velocity curves in order to better cater for the control of external units.
  • Swell input as Volume - a system setting provides users with the choice to use an expression pedal connected to the Swell pedal input as a volume pedal for all the sections in the Nord Stage.
  • Copy Panels - users will be able to copy settings between the Panels A and B.
  • Parameter hints – the value of parameters are shown in the display.
  • Additional function for Tap Tempo LED – flashing LED indicates delay time when user is not tapping.
  • Effect knobs - Effect knobs now change their parameter value even if the effect is turned off.
Nord Stage Manager v3.12
The Nord Stage Manager version 3.12 has librarian features that can handle the transfer of pianos, programs and synth patches, to and from the Nord Stage. It is also equipped with convenient backup and restore functionality. r Studio Grand mk2 Yamaha C7
The new Studio Grand mk2 Yamaha C7 is the first of the new generation pianos samples that are scheduled for release in 2008. The grand itself were prepared specifically to provide a warm and expressive sound. This sample is the close-up version from this recording session. Pricing and Availability:
Free update for users More information:

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