SNAMM08: Vox Comes In Colours

US Vox gives players choices with updated colour options for the DA5 digital amplifier      21/06/08

SNAMM08: Vox Comes In Colours

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Due to popular demand and consumer feedback, Vox Amplification has expanded the colour options for its popular DA5 battery-powered digital amplifier. The new offerings include a re-release of the popular red model, now with matching red amp corners, and a debut of a new white model, both of which join the standard black DA5. Also being re-released is the DA5 Classic, a DA5 amp dressed in classic Vox black vinyl with brown diamond grille cloth.
Vox say that the portable 5-Watt DA5 boasts a collection of realistic amp sounds, built-in high-quality effects and 24-bit signal processing for outstanding dynamics and audio quality. And for the guitarist on the go, the DA5 can operate on battery power.
Here’s all the details directly from VOX…
The DA5 features 11 sought-after guitar amplifier tones, ranging from pristine clean, to classic overdrive, to full-on shred, all of which can be dialed up instantly. 11 single and combination effects are built-in, including auto wah, compressor, delay, reverb, flanger, phaser, chorus, tremolo and rotary, plus noise reduction. Players have the ability to adjust the parameters of every effect.
The DA5 is loaded with practical features, including a unique power select switch that lets the player select one of three values: 5 Watts, 1.5 Watts or 0.5 Watts. This allows for maximum cranked tone and feel at bedroom volume levels. An AUX/MP3 input can accept line level signals for connecting a mixer or CD/MP3 player, and a separate MIC input with its own level control completes the package. All three inputs may be used simultaneously, enabling the DA5 to serve as a complete rehearsal amplification solution.
A VOX 6.5-inch, 8-Ohm speaker impressively recreates all 11 amp tones, while a headphone/line output can be used for private or late-night practicing or for direct connection to a mixer or recorder. The headphone/line output adds cabinet emulation and character for a sense of “air� and depth.
The ultra-portable DA5 weighs in at just over 7.5 pounds and can be powered by either the included AC adapter or by six C batteries for legendary VOX tone on the go.
Pricing and Availability:
The VOX DA5 is currently available in all colour options at a U.S. MSRP of $190.00. More information:

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