SNAMM08: Vox Launches Flagship Valvetronix Amplifier

US The VTX200 Black Diamond professional modeling and tube combo makes its debut      20/06/08

SNAMM08: Vox Launches Flagship Valvetronix Amplifier

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Vox tell us that, drawing on a 50-plus year legacy of trendsetting amplifier design and innovation, they have raised the bar for amplifiers once again with the introduction of the powerful new 200-Watt VTX200 Black Diamond professional modeling combo amp.
VOX Product Manager Michael Bradley told us, “This new amp was designed to give discriminating guitarists the most versatile, stage-ready modeling experience they’ve ever plugged into. Not only are the amp and effects recreations incredibly accurate, making this a go-to amp in the studio, the extreme output gives it headroom and ‘cut’ in a live situation that breaks new ground.�
Here’s all the details directly from Vox…
With 200 Watts of digital power (a first in its class) and employing VOX’s patented Valve Reactor tube power circuitry, the Black Diamond delivers a reference-accurate and stage-ready professional amplifier with the distinctive sound, feel and tone of the distinguished tube amps it recreates. It relies on VOX’s proprietary 12AX7-based Valve Reactor and VariAmp circuitries to accurately recreate all the nuances of the original tube amp model’s sound, feel and response by changing parameters, including the class of operation (A or A/B) and negative feedback settings for each amplifier modeled. (For additional information on Valvetronix technology, visit
For the discriminating guitarist, the Black Diamond delivers a virtual palette of 32 of the most rare and exquisite modern, vintage and boutique amplifiers, each modeled with the most extreme attention paid to accuracy, detail and precision. The unit’s 76 carefully crafted effects models span the history of vintage stomp boxes to modern studio quality processors and provide a broad range of 25 different effect types. For the Black Diamond project, VOX chose rare amps and effects conservatively valued at over $100,000.00.
The VTX200 was designed to offer extreme customization. Guitarists can edit virtually any amp or effect parameter that existed on the original amps and effects recreated. Guitarists can create and store up to 128 different programs, each comprised of an amp model and up to six effects models simultaneously. The gig-ready Black Diamond is loaded with 64 preset programs covering all the most popular styles. Its companion VC-12SV Foot Controller allows users to instantly select programs and turn effects on or off during live performance. Expression and Volume pedals are also built into the foot controller.
The Black Diamond also employs a programmable effects loop (send/return), a line out for direct recording and an external speaker out, providing it with plenty of potential for flexibility and expansion.
VOX VTX200 Black Diamond feature set includes:
  • Two VOX custom-designed Neo Dog 150-Watt 12" Celestion speakers
  • Output Power: 200 Watts (100W + 100W Stereo)
  • Built-in auto-chromatic tuner with strobe-type operation
  • Free dedicated editor/librarian software
  • Eye-catching illuminated multi-function VOX logo that responds to input levels and program settings and provides LED tuning
  • Inputs/Outputs: 1 x Guitar Input, 2 x Send/Return (L & R), 1 x Send (Mono), 1 x Headphone, Line Out (L & R), 2 x External Speaker Out (L & R), 1 x Foot Controller, 1 x MIDI In/Out
Pricing and Availability:
The new VOX VTX200 will be available at select retailers in September with pricing TBA. More information:

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