New KORE Soundpacks

US FM8 sounds and multi-FX      11/06/08

New KORE Soundpacks

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Native instruments have released two KORE Soundpacks providing FM8 sounds and multi-FX.
FM8 Transient Attacks delivers 200 newly created FM8 sounds with a raw, edgy style perfect for modern electronic music. Deep Transformations represents the first multi-effect KORE Soundpack, transforming, say NI, the free KORE Player and KORE 2 into a full-blown effects unit capable of warping even the most ordinary sound into something completely new and different.
Here’s all the details in NI’s own words…
FM8 Transient Attacks
This KORE Soundpack contains 200 new, cutting-edge FM8 sounds for modern electronic music production, ranging from dirty electro basses to otherworldly FM grime at the touch of the Morph pad.
Utilizing the full power of the FM8 audio engine within the free KORE Player and KORE 2, the sounds of FM8 Transient Attacks have been meticulously crafted to deliver extremely diverse yet exceptionally playable FM bass, leads, percussion, arpeggiated sounds and more. Taking advantage of the parameter-driven nature of FM synthesis, the morphing functions of FM8 and KORE have been extensively incorporated into the sound design, allowing everything from instant sound adjustment to radical transitions and giving you a total of 1,600 sound variations.
The sounds in this KORE Soundpack can be also used with the FM8 full version and are not contained in the FM8 factory library.
Deep Transformations
Deep Transformations is the first effects-only KORE Soundpack, harnessing the power of KORE’s integrated audio engines to turn KORE 2 and the free KORE Player into highly creative and unconventional multi-effects units. You’ll have to look elsewhere for standard effects; this Soundpack provides highly creative and morph-able effects not found in any other software or hardware unit.
  • Alien Radionizers and Wah Wah Cloud Makers
    The 150 effects come with a total of 1,200 sound variations and are based on intricate combinations of the Guitar Rig, Absynth, FM8 and Reaktor sound engines, plus 30 internal KORE effects. This powerful setup delivers unique and inspiring effects that could be described as FM-sound-generators, talking ring modulators, tube pumpers, artefact creators, enveloped distortion, formant delays, wah wah cloud makers, alien radionizer, vinyl FX and so on.
  • FX Morphing and Innovative Control
    Deep Transformation’s inventive multi-assignments for individual knobs and complex internal routing allow you to control multiple effects as one unit, letting you play your effects like an instrument. Subtly color your audio or take it into completely new sonic territory by seamlessly morphing between multiple settings in an intuitive and musical way. Deep Transformations offers practically limitless real-time sound tweaking potential for the adventurous producer.
Pricing and Availability:
FM8 Transient Attack is available as a download for $59 / 49 €.
Deep Transformations is available as a download for $79 / 69 €.
More information:

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