All Them Beats

PowerFX release Essential Rhythm Library with 1,400 must-have rhythms and loops      04/06/08

All Them Beats

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PowerFX has unveiled All Them Beats that they describe as a definitive beat resource boasting more than 430 MIDI rhythm and beat files and over 1,000 acidized wav loops and rex files for today’s producers and drum software aficionados.
The extensive beat library is organized within three categories, including: “Regional� featuring Brazilian (bossa nova and the samba), African, European, and other regional beats; “Genres� showcasing jazz, rock, country, and blues styles (Chicago shuffle, Texas shuffle); and “Greatest Breaks� such as the Funky Drummer, The Amen Break and Walk This Way, among many others.
PowerFX CEO Bil Bryant told us, “We were inspired to create All Them Beats by our customers, a growing number of whom use high-quality multi-sampled drum libraries and drum software in their music projects. Whether they create jingles, film scores, or commercial recordings, producers now have a definitive resource of drum beats to suit any situation. If you need a Zydeco Shuffle, a Polka, a Reggae One Drop, or the Mexican Hat Dance, it´s all here.�
All of the MIDI files were recorded live with an electronic V-Drum kit, assigned to General MIDI files, and exported out to loops using representative samples of each style, making it accessible to users with or without drum libraries. And because each beat is assigned to a MIDI file and short text description, PowerFX believe thatauditioning beats is simple and user-friendly.
All Them Beats also features a bonus selection of drum loops culled from PowerFX’s samples. Users can choose real played acoustic beats and grooves in various styles like the original Motown Beat played by “Pistol� Allen, one of the Original Motown Drummers, or funk master drummer Jabo Starks, as well as country, blues, rock, world beats, and stylistic electronic and hip hop loops.
PowerFX say that this is a versatile collection of samples and rhythms that serves as an essential resource for musicians, producers, DJs, composers and engineers who own multi-sample drum libraries and drum software like EZ Drummer, Addictive Drums, BDF or Session Drummer.
Pricing and Availability:
All Them Beats is available from for $69 US, and can be purchased as a downloadable package or on DVD. The midi files are also available as a separate download $39 US. More information:

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