AES08: SADie and Aunty Beeb Work Well

All manner of solutions for the broadcasting DAW user      27/05/08

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It’s easy to forget that there are other players in the DAW field other than the big names. SADie is a prime example, with over fifteen years of development and experience in making integrated DAW hardware, one could be forgiven for wondering why they weren't a more obvious option - well maybe you have heard of them, and if so, you’ll know that they were recently acquired by Prism Sound – they’re the ones who make top-notch AD and DA’s used by discerning top engineers and producers the world over. SADie products have long been the DAW of choice for premium broadcaster BBC who have many hundreds of SADie systems integrated into their legion production facilities. SADie have several products that are of interest, the first being the LRX2 – a portable location recording system capable of up to 48 simultaneous tracks (@24bit 48kHz, 32 at 24 bit 96kHz) linked to a hardware control surface in term linked to a laptop running windows XP via USB 2.0. With several input card options available via the three slots – 16ch A-D, 16ch D-A, 16ch AES I/O, 16ch Mic inputs, 64ch MADI I/O it can integrate into a variety of situations. “The LRX2 hardware comprises a small assignable mixer with 8 motorised faders; including pre-fade listen and dedicated record enable buttons; a complete editorial interface with fully weighted jog wheel and ergonomic editing buttons; locator memories; transport controls and a headphone monitor output with separate headphone level control and a side-mounted microphone input socket for slate/talkback functions. The dedicated and assignable editing function buttons include Scrub, EDL/SRC, Xfade, Select, Zoom, In, Out, Razor and Preview plus the weighted jog wheel. The built-in mixer with automation and the 8 motorised faders allow rapid switching between the input and output busses with simple bank switching, pre-fade listen over headphone output, direct record track select, plus locator buttons and a separate monitor buss. The LRX2 is complemented with professional interfaces to lock the machine to timecode, video ref or gen-locked incoming AES ref, depending upon the application.� Also on show was the PCM4 – their desktop digital audio workstation and the small but perfectly formed PCM2 – a palm sized USB audio IO which interfaces with the SADie editing system for truly portable DAW work – this ones a real favourite with the Beeb who can hand them out to producers hot-desking , allowing swift setup of an edit environment for quick turnaround of audio content.

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