AES08:ADAM A5 - Desktop Speaker, Studio Performance

US ADAM speakers more affordable.      23/05/08

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Another report brought to you by our AES collaboration with Pro Sound News Europe - ADAM Professional Audio make active studio monitor speakers that are widely acclaimed and on the wish list for a lot of people who want to improve their monitoring setup. With their ribbon tweeter technology they have a clean, low fatigue sound that many professionals swear by, but obviously such quality doesn’t come cheap - not that they are overpriced of course. With the introduction of the A7 speakers they found that there was a large appetite for their technology in larger home and desktop market, which enabled them to move to a much larger facility and make more speakers. The new A5 speakers are also listed in the HiFi on their website and are the smaller brother of the A7. They use the same ADAM proprietary transducer technology (ART) and woofer consisting of a sandwich construction of carbon fiber and Rohacell®, only reduced in size to 5“. The built-in amplifiers with 2 x 25 W power control the drivers directly. On the rear side there is a panel with numerous possibilities to adapt the loudspeaker to the specific room acoustics or personal preferences. Also, the A5 features both ballanced (XLR) and unballanced (RCA) inputs to ensure connectivity to virtually any application in professional studios or at home. A useful special feature is the Stereo-link®, an exclusive technology of the A5: There are two additional in- and outputs for the second stereo channel which enable the user to adjust the volume of both loudspeakers with one control only. The A5 can also be delivered in high quality piano finishes (black and white). Last but not least, there are desktop/table stands available that also have been particularly designed to optimise the acoustics of the speaker. Priced at around $349 each you can get them now.
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