Tribute To Elektron Founder

45 Tribute music compilation pays homage to the late Daniel Hansson      16/04/08

Tribute To Elektron Founder

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The 45 Tribute is a compilation to pay homage to the late Daniel Hansson, co-founder and CEO of Elektron Music Machines who passed away in an auto accident in August 2007. There are 30 tracks from many well-known artists including Autechre, Dntel, Venetian Snares, Daedelus, Kim Hiorthoy, John Tejada and many more. The release also contains exclusive contributions from: The Sea and Cake, Boom Bip, Tiga, Proxy, John Starlight and others.
The album will be distributed digitally and has a $5.00 cost attached to it. All proceeds will go to the World Wildlife Fund, a cause Daniel was passionate about. Additionally, there are over 25 free songs available for download.
Track List:
  • 1. Orsan Kart - Eine Weitere Stunde
  • 2. Daedelus_- Eulogy For An Uncommon Man
  • 3. Dntel - Exercise Bike
  • 4. Tiga - Good As Gold Flexible Skulls
  • 5. Future Image - Botley Corpse
  • 6. Landstrumm vs. Milanese - Corked
  • 7. Autechre - coenc3
  • 8. dDamage - Golooom
  • 9. Jon Martensson – Where Everything Joins and Parts
  • 10. Music International - Earth Chorus
  • 11. Erase - The Machine
  • 12. Pelektor - Flytrekker
  • 13. Wanker’s United - Soul Boxes
  • 14. Venetian Snares - Elephant Gear
  • 15. John Starlight - Shadowbreaker
  • 16. John Tejada - In the Moment
  • 17. Honey Claws - Giant Town
  • 18. TReD Grp. - Scarfac 323
  • 19. Micronaut - Minimist
  • 20. scutopus, JTS3K, and The Brown Moth - The Light That Came from Across the Sea
  • 21. Proxy - Din Dah
  • 22. Material Object - Blacklight
  • 23. Boom Bip - Coogi Sweater (Featuring Ali Lee)
  • 24. [d] - Point Within a Circle
  • 25. Emnine - Magical Music Box
  • 26. Beautiful Planet Earth - Farewell Letter
  • 27. Van Basten - The Solution
  • 28. How Dragons Disappear - Have to go to work but
  • 29. Kim Hiorthoy – Uprock Work
  • 30. Kero – Kerosteph
The compilation consists primarily of electronic oriented music but it isn't specific to any sub-genre.
Here’s the details in the compiler’s own words…
Project History: The 45 Tribute started as an idea of a member of the site last October. Several people from the community wanted to pay homage to Daniel and his genius. We then reached out beyond the Elektron-Users community and asked many well-known artists to participate. With Elektron's blessing and the generosity of the artists, we were able to make 45 Tribute – For Daniel Hansson a reality.
Song Selection: Many of the established artists were asked if they wanted to be a part of our project. Additional songs were submitted from the Elektron user community. We received so many songs that we established a panel to vote on which ones should be included in the release. Since we received so many submissions, we created the 'Free Songs' section.
Name Significance: The name of the compilation is inspired by Daniel's old C64 demo group called Zone 45. Apart from that, it was also his favorite number.
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