Jacked Out Future House

Latest in the Loopmasters Artist Series is a Joey Youngman samples collection      10/04/08

Jacked Out Future House

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Loopmasters have a new addition to their Artist Series in the form of Jacked Out Future House featuring samples from Joey Youngman. Here’s what they have to say about it in their own words…
The owner and A&R of Fetish Recordings, Joey Youngman has been producing house music since the ripe old age of 11. Prolific? Don’t even try to list every track he’s made!
Joey Youngman – ‘Jacked Out Future House’ is a collection of Future House samples created for producers looking to make inspired House tracks, using all of Joey’s expert knowledge and production techniques – which up until now he has used exclusively to create a huge back catalogue of clubland hits.
Youngman’s unique sound is characterized by bumpy, funky basslines, super-tight drums and the ‘dirty disco’ sound that has re-emerged in his production work over the past year. He’s also credited with helping ignite the New School Jack movement that continues its rise in the Midwest and West Coast. “I’ve crafted my own style that still has the elements of all my influences.�
This collection is a tribute to the studio craft and expertise that Joey brings to the table, and contains an exhaustive and inspiring collection of some of the funkiest House Beats, Basslines, Keys and Percussion – not to mention a superb selection of Vocals, Filter loops, Live guitars, House Percussion, FX and mutlisamples.
Whatever type of House Music you are producing, from Jackin’, Minimal, Funky or Electro, you will not be disappointed with this awesome collection of over 1,000 unique and exclusive samples presented here for you to make your own Future Classic House tunes with.
Featuring more than 150 Jackin House Drumloops, 65 Bumpin Basslines, 20 Funky Guitar Loops, 40+ FX Sounds, 27 House Vocals, 18 Funky Keys Loops, 175 Percussion Hits, 14 Space Disco Loops and 20+ Instrument samples all ready to play! Tech Specs: 946 WAV files, 314 Rex2 Samples, 71 Patches for Reason NNXT, HALion, Kontakt, EXS24, and Cakewalk. Ableton Live Sampler Patches, Apple Loops, and a Full Reason Refill also come with the DVD.
What Joey Youngman says about the Artist Series project:
“This project was a lot of fun for me. I had been itching to make a sample collection for quite some time, and when this came along I thought it would be the perfect opportunity. A big part of what I do as a record producer is sound creation: I have always dedicated a large portion of my studio time to making loops and sounds, categorizing them, organizing them, and so forth, as it makes the creative process flow so much faster when it’s time to actually write a track.
The format and organization of the disc is based on how I make music. Among the folders there are a couple of sections that I think make this project a very unique offering. Filtered Basslines: An essential tool in my own productions, this section was designed to sound like basslines that were taken straight off of a disco or funk record and filtered down – but they weren’t!
I used a collection of tools and processes to create these samples originally, subsequently providing a royalty-free sample source for you. Additionally, all of the instrument and bass sounds and patches were created with hardware, including some nice vintage analogue pieces.
When I showed this completed DVD to a friend he said to me, ‘Joey, it seems like you’re giving away the keys to the castle here. This comment stuck with me, and I think it rings very true. The truth about this sample collection is that you could make dozens if not hundreds of quality tracks just by mixing and matching these loops and sounds. But my hope is that you will use it in a more creative way. Use these samples as tools to accent a sound that is your own, unique creation. Patent your own style. By all means make use of the samples I am giving you here, but do it in an original way – and when I am browsing through new music and I hear your record, it will put a smile on my face to know that I contributed in some small way.
And lastly, have fun – that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day!�
Pricing and Availability:
Available now on DVD for £34.95 plus shipping, or download for £29.95 More information:

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