Korg Digital Mixers Upgraded

Zero4 and Zero8 now in version 1.6 with new features      04/04/08

Korg Digital Mixers Upgraded

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Korg has announced some significant upgrades to its Zero4 and Zero8 digital mixers. Here are all the details of the new features found in the version 1.6 upgrade in Korg’s own words…
  • 1. Better Integration with NATIVE INSTRUMENTS TRAKTOR Scratch.
    Version 1.6 provides the ability to use time coded CDs in addition to time coded vinyl, and either can be effortlessly set up. Simply connect your turntables or CD players to your Zero4 and connect the Zero8 to your computer.
    * TRAKTOR Scratch is an optional component.
  • 2. Automatic MIDI Clock Slave Function
    Zero4 can now slave to MIDI clock from host applications and hardware instruments alike. ZERO4 recognizes incoming MIDI Clock from Firewire MIDI or MIDI input automatically, which provides perfect sync of internal effects and the loop sampler. When slaving to incoming MIDI clock, the BPM indicator will read “EXT�. Additionally, if the MIDI clock signal is interrupted for an extended period, the Zero4 will switch to the internal clock.
    [Note] Auto BPM will not function when MIDI clock is received.
  • 3. Re-trigger Loop Sampler
    The new Re-trigger function enables you to reset the start point of a loop sample. Simply press the KEEP button while LOOP PLAY or GATE PLAY is engaged. This update also allows you to toggle between LOOP PLAY and GATE PLAY by pressing one or the other.
  • 4. Higher gain on Line Inputs
    A +12dB pre gain has been added to the LINE input when LINE is selected via the INPUT SELECTOR knob. This allows for better gain adjustment when lower level devices are connected. In addition, the max. input level of the LINE terminal will be 10 dB.
  • 5. The Cue balance curve has been adjusted for more consistent monitoring.
    To improve cue monitoring, the level balance curve of CUE and MASTER for the MONITOR BAL knob has been that the CUE and MASTER volume levels reach the maximum level when the knob is centered.
  • 6. When CUE SPLIT is ON, the MASTER side of the level meter has been changed to Pre Fader.
    When CUE SPLIT is ON, the master level indicator, on the right side of the master level meter has been changed to pre (master) fader level.
  • 1. Better Integration with NATIVE INSTRUMENTS TRAKTOR SCRATCH.
    The system supports TRAKTOR Scratch by NATIVE INSTRUMENTS. Connect a CD player equipped with a turntable or scratch function to the Zero8. You can then use TRAKTOR Scratch for scratching the audio files stored in your computer.
    * TRAKTOR Scratch is an optional component.
  • 2. An INPUT TRIM function has been added.
    An Input Trim screen has been added in the System menu on the Zero8. This allows you to adjust the Pre-Gain value of all Analog inputs independently for better gain adjustment to match each input source when a lower level device which tends to cause noises is connected.
[Note] The INPUT TRIM value is automatically set to 0 dB when TRAKTOR SCRATCH is used. Do not change the INPUT TRIMs of the PHONO1, 2 and 3, and CD/LINE when TRAKTOR SCRATCH is used. More information:

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