MESSE08: Emulator X3 Launched

64-Bit Streaming Sampling Synthesizer with Multi-core support      12/03/08

MESSE08: Emulator X3 Launched
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E-MU has announced its new Emulator X3 Streaming Sampling Synthesizer, offering both 32-bit and native 64-bit applications, multi-processor and multi-threading support. E-MU say that xciting new features have been added to the extraordinary capabilities of this instrument. In addition, the E-MU hardware lock has been removed so that E-MU hardware is no longer required as a dongle.
Emulator X3 features E-MU’s Xstream™ streaming sound engine with up to 192kHz sampling and playback, an arsenal of automated sampling/beat analysis/editing tools and almost unlimited sound manipulation that builds on E-MU’s 35 years of synthesis experience.
Emulator X3 ships with:
  • 32-bit Emulator X2 Application (Windows® XP/Vista)
  • 64-bit Emulator X2 Application (Windows® x64/Vista)
New Features in Emulator X3:
  • Xstreamâ„¢
    New improved and Vista compatible Xstream 24-bit/192kHz Streaming Engine—32-bit and native 64-bit applications optimized for Multi-core and Multi-threaded processors. Xstream intelligently balances the processing load across all available resources for exceptional performance.
  • Region Xplode Beat Slicer
    This great new feature translates recorded drum parts into MIDI files. The Xplode function generates new voices from the selected Region, then creates a MIDI file that maps the new regions to MIDI notes. Just import the Standard MIDI File into your favorite MIDI sequencer and have authentic drum grooves under your control.
  • Tempo Map Export
    TwistaLoop can now analyze and export the Tempo Map of a song. This indispensable tool allows you to synchronize a rhythm track to a performance that was recorded without a metronome. You sequencer will “groove� with you instead of marching to its own beat.
  • Xtractorâ„¢
    The Xtractor is a new audio manipulation tool that can cut or boost audio levels based on stereo position and frequency. If a song was mixed using stereo panning, this tool allows specific instruments or vocals to be removed, isolated, or pitch shifted. You can remove or isolate vocals, basses, or other instruments, process them and then return them to the mix if you like. The Xtractor is also a powerful analysis tool, since it visually displays the location of each instrument in a stereo mix.
  • Translator Convertor
    The Translator Emulator X Convertor, by Chicken Systems, enables you to convert many popular sampler formats into the Emulator X’s .exb file format. The bundled Translator Emulator X Convertor application can convert the following types of files:
    • Akai S-1000/3000
    • Akai MPC
    • Emu EIII/ESi/Emax
    • Tascam GigaStudio 1 + 2
    • SoundFont
    • Native Instruments Kontakt 1 + 2
    • Steinberg HALion I and I
  • Over 3.3 GB of sounds (over 2500 Presets) from E-MU’s premier sound library are included:
    • X Producer : Four classic Emulator banks: Proteus X Composer, Hip Hop Producer, E-MU General MIDI, Saint Thomas Strings
    • Studio Grand : A stunning 1.4 GB grand piano bank
    • Beat Shop 1: Contains nine great drum kits with beats and grooves
    • Xperience: Examples of TwistaLoop, morphing filters and more
    • Xtreme Lead-1: An inspiring Techno/Industrial with clock-synchronization
    • LoopMasters: Top quality, copyright-free samples from the masters of loops
Pricing and Availability:
Emulator X3 will ship in late March 2008 at an estimated street price of £349.99/ €499.99 (including VAT). US estimated street price is $499.99. More information:

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