New Digital Sound System Processor

The Dynacord DSP 260 aims to offer high audio performance at a favorable price      11/02/08

New Digital Sound System Processor

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Dynacord tell us that they are extending their legacy of innovation in digital signal processor design with the DSP 260 digital 2-in-6 sound system manager.
Based on the most modern hardware, the DSP 260 offers both tried-and-tested and brand new algorithms for the swift and simple construction of active multi-way systems. Dynacord say that it was developed with an emphasis on user-friendliness and, above all, a great price-to-performance ratio.
Twenty-four-bit sigma-delta AD/DA converters and a 32-bit floating-point signal processor offer a dynamic range of 111 dB. In addition to the two analog inputs, a digital stereo input in AES/EBU format is available. A -6 dB pad switch in front of the AD converters offers additional security against overload from mixing desks with very high output levels. The six individually mutable outputs are electronically balanced and implemented on XLR sockets. Easy-to-read LED level meters are provided on the front panel for all inputs and outputs.
Users can configure their own systems via the controls and display on the unit itself or via the editing software. Three-way stereo, two-way stereo + FR, and four-way mono + FR are possible, along with many other configurations. Furthermore, works presets compatible with those of the DSP-244 are available for Dynacord loudspeaker systems. The DSP area is covered by parametric and graphic EQs, as well as a delay function in the input and crossover, channel EQ, channel delay, and a level control with limiter per output.
An RS-232 interface allows Master/Slave operation of multiple devices, as well as GPI switching of settings. A PC—the supplied editing software runs under Windows—can be connected via the USB interface on the front panel.
A variable parameter lockout in the editor offers direct access to settings and parameters from the device—a feature that,say Dynacord, makes the DSP 260 an ideal choice for the rental market.
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