More FireStudio Tube Details

US Presonus supply more info on their 24-bit/96k FireWire recording system with two tube preamps      07/02/08

More  FireStudio Tube Details

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We brought you the first news and a video of the Presonus FireStudio Tube from the NAMM show but now Presonus have sent us more info on it. They describe the FireStudio Tube as a complete 24-bit/96k FireWire recording system loaded with the perfect combination of inputs and outputs for bands, producers, musicians and engineers to produce commercial-quality recordings.
Here’s all the info directly from the Presonus press release…
Two SuperChannels - Tube Preamplifiers with Limiter
The front panel of the FireStudio Tube is loaded with two “SuperChannels� featuring class A vacuum tube microphone and instrument preamplifiers along with full-featured analog limiters.
The tube preamplifiers use a high gain, military grade 12AX7 tube for maximum gain, low noise and high headroom. Neutrik combo connectors allow both XLR microphone input and hi-Z instrument input. Preamp controls include preamp gain and tube drive to achieve a wide range of sounds from smooth, clean and clear, to warm tube saturation. An 80Hz high pass filter is also located on the front panel to remove room rumble and unwanted lows.
The FireStudio Tube’s Limiter features a VCA-based ultra fast RMS and peak detection circuit used in the award-winning DigiMax 96K, delivering the most musical limiter available; able to catch the fastest transients eliminating the possibility of clipping during recording while maintaining musicality. Controls for the Limiter include Threshold and Gain make-up as well as a Limiter in/out button.
Fast-acting LED metering on the front panel displays preamp input and limiter gain reduction for the two tube SuperChannels.
Perfect I/O for Music Production
The FireStudio Tube delivers all the analog I/O needed for professional recording sessions, featuring sixteen analog inputs including two tube SuperChannels on the front panel, eight class A XMAX microphone preamplifiers and six balanced TRS line inputs on the rear panel. Outputs include eight balanced TRS outputs and PreSonus’ signature ultra loud and clear headphone output that “goes to 11�. MIDI I/O is also included on the rear panel for MIDI instruments, keyboards and controllers. The FireStudio Tube’s combination of microphone, instrument and line inputs is perfect for a band to simultaneously record drums, bass, guitar, vocals and keyboards without any additional preamplifiers.
DSP Mixer/Router
The FireStudio Tube includes PreSonus’ 16x10 FireControl mixer/router delivering up to five zero-latency custom monitor mixes easily and quickly.

Digital Converters and JetPLL Sync
The FireStudio Tube touts A/D/A converters with a dynamic range of over 114dB for unbelievable clarity as well as synchronization using patented JetPLLâ„¢ jitter reduction technology. JetPLLâ„¢ incorporates noise shaping to virtually remove all audio band jitter. JetPLLâ„¢ ensures the highest converter performance possible, resulting in better stereo separation and clearer more transparent audio. JetPLLâ„¢ delivers ultra-fast locking to any digital format through a wide range of frequencies and is extremely robust and tolerant of wide variations in clock frequencies. JetPLLâ„¢ ensures near perfect clock performance when networking audio devices, thus creating the most stable and robust synchronization to the computer.
ProPak Software Suite Included
As with all PreSonus recording systems, the FireStudio Tube includes a complete suite of software featuring Steinberg’s Cubase LE 4 48-track recording and production software along with a number of third party plug-ins, loops, samples and virtual instruments delivering a complete music production solution.
“Sixteen analog inputs with ten PreSonus mic preamps are perfect for recording a band,� says PreSonus Director of Marketing Brad Zell. “Add tubes, great converters, JetPLL and multiple monitor mixes and you have everything you need for professional recording right out of the box.
FireStudio Tube Features:
  • 24-bit/96K firewire (IEEE1394)
  • 16 inputs/10 outputs simultaneous record/playback channels
  • 2 SuperChannels (tube microphone/instrument preamplifier with analog limiter)
  • 8 XMAX microphone preamplifiers
  • 8 balanced TRS outputs
  • MIDI Input/Output
  • 16x10 FireControl DSP mixer/router
  • JetPLL Sync for improved imaging and clarity
  • High performance A/D/A converters (114 dynamic range)
  • ProPak software suite included
Pricing and Availability:
Available soon. Price TBC More information:

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