WNAMM08: New Samson Wireless System

Samson AirLine Synth is a frequency agile micro wireless system      29/01/08

WNAMM08: New Samson Wireless System

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Samson began as a wireless technology company combining high quality wireless gear with value and professional sound capability so it's fitting that one of their major releases at the NAMM show is the new AirLine Synth wireless systems.
Samson's new AirLine Synth true diversity system is a frequency selectable system that can operate on any of 320 frequencies over U and E bands with up to 11 simultaneous channels. Featuring automatic scanning and infrared programming, balanced and unbalanced outputs as well as front or rear mountable antennae, Samson say that the AirLine Synth system is ideal for applications as diverse as performing arts, houses of worship and of course, professional music gigs of all varieties.
The AirLine Synth AR300 Receiver can be rack-mounted with up to 4 receivers in a rack space. And its LED front panel displays AF/RF levels, frequency, audio output level and channel mix setting for easy production configuration on the fly.
Samson's new system also features an innovative set of miniature transmitters. The AG300 guitar transmitter is a unique, dual mount jack that works on either 'Gibson' or 'Fender' style outputs and contains a precision guitar pre-amp, a digital channel readout, attenuation switch for active pickups and a mute switch for 'hot swapping.'
Mark Wilder, Director of Marketing for Samson told us, "The AG300 ensures that a guitarist's tone stays as "pure as the wire" with no added colour. World-class guitarists use our Synth 5 and 6 systems every night. Our engineers took that same tone quality they all love and put it into AirLine Synth."
For handhelds, the AX300 plugs directly into all dynamic microphones and comes with a Samson Q7 mic. The transmitter contains a precision mic pre-amp, digital channel readout, low battery indicator and a mute switch.
The AL300 features a sprung steel belt clip transmitter with a P3 locking audio connector, precision mic and instrument pre-amps, attenuation switch and a mute switch for 'hot swapping.' The AL300 also comes with a micro headset and lavalier microphone.
All the transmitters will provide 10 hours of operation on their respective AA batteries.
Pricing and Availability:
AirLine Synth systems will be available in Q2 2008.
UK prices: £349 RRP inc VAT for the guitar and handheld systems and £399 for the headset and lavalier systems.
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