WNAMM08: Orchestral Update

Synful Orchestra reaches version 2.4.1      28/01/08

WNAMM08: Orchestral Update

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Synful LLC showed the new version of their Synful Orchestra plug-in, version 2.4.1. This version adds quite a few features, including many new string articulations, real-time controls, and compatibility with Sibelius 5. Eric Lindemann, the CEO of Synful, also said that improvements were made to the underlying engine, which also have the advantage of aiding future development of the program. Version 2.4.1 is a native AU, VSTi, DXi plugin that is Mac 10.4/10.5 UB, and also runs on Windows 32/64.
For those who aren’t familiar with Synful Orchestra, it is an orchestra simulation technology based on what Synful calls Reconstructive Phrase Technology (RPM). This is a fundementally different way of producing an orchestral sound than the usual sampling technology we are accustomed to. With RPM, orchestral instruments are recorded by Synful in full phrases, not note by note as in a usual sampling session. These full phrases are then synthesized using an additive synthesis technique. When you play Synful, it basically searches the library of phrases and using them creates the melodies and rhythms that you are playing.
That’s the short version, obviously there’s a lot more to it. The demo as played by Eric Lindemann in the Synful booth was impressive, especially in terms of the natural ease with which different articulations and tones can be performed. Amazingly, Synful uses only 120 megs of memory, allowing it to be completely loaded into RAM. This avoids the bottleneck of disk streaming.
For those of you already familiar with this product, additional features in version 2.4.1 include:
  • Keyswitching; This allows the selection of different playing modes like arco, pizz, sul-pont, etc. to be made by hitting a key low on the keyboard. Articulations like spicatto, detache, legato, etc. are still made in real time based on midi input from playing the keyboard.
  • Flexible MIDI Controller Mapping; Any Midi CC can be mapped to any Synful Orchestra Parameter.
  • Pre 2.4 Mode; This is a mode that allows older projects to be loaded into version 2.4.1 and sound the same.
  • Integrated Authorization: The SynfulOrchestraAuthorizer is gone, replaced by a button in the Synful Control Panel, streamlining the authorization process.
NAMM show report by Albert Potts Pricing and Availability:
Synful 2.4.1 is available now More information:
  • www.synful.com

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