WNAMM08: VOX Collaborate With Joe Satriani

Satriani and VOX are working together on a line of signature effects pedals      25/01/08

WNAMM08: VOX Collaborate With Joe Satriani

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VOX Amplification announced today that it has teamed up with guitar legend Joe Satriani for a long-term research and development partnership. Satriani and VOX are working together on a line of signature effects pedals designed to deliver Satriani's trademark tone plus a wide range of new sounds for guitarists of all playing styles and ability levels. Additionally, the designs feature groundbreaking solutions and improvements upon issues Satriani identified as being common in today's pedals. Among Satriani's criteria for these pedals is that they can seamlessly replace the gear he uses every night on stage. Vox say that, as a result of these high standards, every guitar player will have access to a new level of performance and tone quality.
At the onset of the project, Joe Satriani had stated, "For decades, I wished that some day I would be able to contribute to the design of my own pedal line and I would team up with an iconic, legendary company known worldwide for their unique musical innovations that became industry standards. I would make cool looking, multi-functioning pedals that would encompass all the types of sounds I like to hear. And, I would design nontraditional, but always functional, pedals to capture complex effects in unusual combinations. That day has finally come.�
The VOX & Joe Satriani line will be fully unveiled in Summer 2008. Work on the project is well underway and is nearing completion. This project has received extensive commitment from VOX that, along the way, has included as many as five engineers hailing from three different countries.
Satriani used prototypes of the first two pedals due for release in the line - a distortion and a wah - during tracking for his upcoming Sony/Epic release due out in spring of 2008.
"Our collaboration with Joe will raise the bar on guitar effects and the expectation of performance, response and tone quality available to the general public," says VOX Product Manager Mike Bradley. "Joe's decades of recording experience, thousands of live performances, and limitless imagination all shaped his vision for this effects line. These pedals are not just an emulation of Joe's tone. They are Joe's tone plus a whole lot more. The VOX & Joe Satriani line will be very familiar, groundbreaking and liberating to guitar players who've been looking for the "holy grail' in their tone quest."
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