WNAMM08: Digidesign VENUE News

US Digidesign Introduces Mix Rack Option and announces D-Show 2.7 Software and updated VENUEPack      25/01/08

WNAMM08: Digidesign VENUE News

Digidesign has introduced Mix Rack, a powerful new hardware option for the Digidesign VENUE systems that combines all stage, local audio I/O, and DSP processing into a single, compact 11-space rack. With its simplified and lower-priced configuration, Digidesign say that Mix Rack is ideal for small- to mid-sized venues, houses of worship, and corporate A/V applications.
Robert Scovill, Digidesign’s market manager for live sound products, told us, “VENUE’s explosive growth in the pro touring market has led to a growing demand from professionals working in all kinds of live sound applications. Many users want to access the power and flexibility of VENUE, but may have budget considerations or require a more compact solution. Mix Rack addresses the needs of our growing user base while bringing the unparalleled capabilities of VENUE and Pro Tools to critical new markets.�
About VENUE Mix Rack
Fully compatible with both D-Show and D-Show Profile, Mix Rack offers the most affordable entry into the state-of-the-art VENUE family. As an alternative to the VENUE FOH Rack and Stage Rack system, Mix Rack is a one-rack solution that maintains the established hallmarks of the VENUE environment, including excellent sound quality, flexible I/O options, native TDM plug-in processing, Pro Tools integration, and complete show file portability.
The base configuration comes with two Mix Engine cards (expandable to three for additional TDM plug-in processing), D-Show 2.7 software, VENUEPack 3.0 plug-in bundle, a built-in ECx Ethernet port for remote control, and a full complement of primary and ancillary audio I/O, including:
  • 48 high-quality, fully recallable analog XLR mic/line inputs
  • 16 analog XLR line outputs (expandable to 32)
  • 8 analog TRS line-level I/O, assignable as discrete inputs/outputs or insert pairs
  • 2-track analog and digital (AES or S/PDIF) inputs and outputs
  • 1x1 MIDI I/O
  • Word Clock I/O (with active and signal present LEDs)
  • Com/Aux input (XLR/TRS)
A modular card slot system allows users to choose from a selection of analog or digital outputs and Aviom A-Net personal monitoring options. Mix Rack supports full integration with Pro Tools via an optional HDx or FWx interface card, allowing recording and playback of up to 64 tracks with Pro Tools|HD, or 18 tracks with Pro Tools LE, respectively.

Digidesign has also announced the upcoming release of the D-Show Version 2.7 software, an upgrade for the VENUE live sound environment. At the same time, Digidesign revealed the new VENUEPack 3.0 and VENUEPack Pro 3.0, two updated software bundles that they tell us feature compelling plug-ins from Digidesign and its development partners.
About the D-Show 2.7 Software Upgrade
D-Show 2.7 software has been expanded to provide full support for the latest Digidesign VENUE family member, Mix Rack, which offers integrated audio I/O and DSP processing in one compact rack while maintaining the same ease of use and utmost reliability that VENUE users have come to know.
In addition, D-Show 2.7 software also includes a number of new workflow enhancements for all VENUE systems, including:
  • Improved Cue Workflow for Monitor Mixers
    The new AFL Follows Auxes feature automatically puts the mix in AFL (after-fade listen) mode when the user assigns an Aux Send or Variable Group to the input encoders, helping to ensure that they are listening to the same mix they are adjusting. This allows users to AFL mixes without losing sight or control of the VCA master faders.
  • Top-Level VENUE System Lock
    For consoles that are located in areas that are easily accessible to the public, D-Show 2.7 software provides a simple solution for disabling all top-level console functions and the software display in order to keep curious fingers from changing any settings. PQ, external events, and MIDI recall of all snapshots remain enabled.
  • View VCA Contribution in Real Time
    For instant visual feedback of a VCA’s effect on an overall mix, D-Show 2.7 allows users to see how VCA adjustments affect the fader levels of the channels they control. As users move a VCA, the screen actively displays relative level changes as red “ghost� faders for all affected channels, allowing users to see any level offsets introduced by a VCA master. In addition, when users touch a VCA-controlled channel fader whose level is turned down by at least 60 dB, the responsible VCA number appears on the console’s channel strip as a heads
  • Automatic Plug-in Update
    D-Show 2.7 software features a comprehensive database that stores the latest plug-in version information, making it easy to see which version of a plug-in is currently running (or about to install), and if there’s an update available. The new Info pane displays a selected plug-in’s version number, any available updates, and the URL to download the software.
About VENUEPack 3.0 and VENUEPack Pro 3.0
VENUEPack 3.0 is the latest version of the software bundle that comes with all VENUE live sound systems. With a value of $6,795 on its own, VENUEPack 3.0 features updated versions of the same plug-ins bundled in VENUEPack 2.0, and comes with all VENUE Mix Rack and FOH Rack purchases.
The updated VENUEPack Pro 3.0 (worth $2,475) includes five powerful plug-ins, including the new Digidesign Eleven virtual guitar amp plug-in, which replaces Line 6 Amp Farm in the VENUEPack Pro bundle. VENUEPack Pro 3.0 comes with FOH Rack (in addition to VENUEPack 3.0), and with the purchase of a D-Show Mix Engine card.
For convenience, a VENUEPack/VENUEPack Pro 3.0 CD is included with the D-Show 2.7 Upgrade Kit, allowing customers to update their version 2.0 plug-ins to version 3.0. Customers will need an iLok authorization for each respective VENUEPack/VENUEPack Pro 3.0 plug-in to use it. If they don’t have an authorization (as may be the case with new addition Eleven), they must purchase the plug-in if they want it.
VENUEPack 3.0 (comes with: Mix Rack, FOH Rack)
  • Digidesign Impact®
  • Digidesign Reverb Oneâ„¢
  • Digidesign ReVibeâ„¢
  • Digidesign Smack!â„¢
  • Digidesign/Bomb Factory® BF-3A
  • Digidesign/Bomb Factory Pultec Bundle
  • Digidesign/Bomb Factory Slightly Rude Compressorâ„¢
  • Digidesign/Bomb Factory Classic Compressors Bundle
  • Digidesign/Bomb Factory MoogerFooger® Bundle
  • Focusrite d2â„¢
  • Focusrite d3â„¢
  • Troodon Technologies TrooTrace Audio Analysis Bundle
VENUEPack Pro 3.0 (comes with: FOH Rack, Mix Engine card)
  • Digidesign/Bomb Factory JOEMEEK® Bundle
  • Digidesign/Bomb Factory Fairchild 660 and 670 Bundle
  • Digidesign/Bomb Factory Voce® Bundle
  • Digidesign Eleven
  • Line 6 Echo Farm
Pricing and Availability:
Mix Rack is planned for release in the first quarter of 2008 as part of the D-Show Profile Mix Rack System at $39,995 (USD).
Digidesign expects to release the D-Show 2.7 software upgrade in the first quarter of 2008 for $149 US MSRP.
VENUEPack 3.0 comes with the purchase of a Mix Rack or FOH Rack. VENUEPack Pro 3.0 comes with the purchase of a FOH Rack or Mix Engine Card.
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