WNAMM08: Remote Control of Mic Gain

US SM Pro Audio announce the PR8DS remote controllable eight-channel microphone preamplifier      18/01/08

WNAMM08: Remote Control of Mic Gain

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SM Pro Audio products have introduced the PR8DS remote controllable multi-channel microphone preamplifier.
The PR8DS is a professional multi-channel pre-amp designed for applications where remote control is desired. Based on the PR8E model, the PR8DS features 8 channels of high-quality balanced microphone pre-amplification with independent 48v phantom power and peak led indicators. Analog connectivity is provided by way of 8 x balanced/unbalanced combo connector inputs on the front panel and 8 x balanced analog outputs (D-sub 25) on the rear.
The system is controlled via the standard RS232 interface implemented on the rear panel. RS232 command information is provided in the manual to allow user programming of compatible RS232 command devices. Independent remote control of channel gain and phantom power is provided in addition to the ability to receive peak indicator information feedback to the remote control device.
SM Pro Audio’s own RCA V1.0 software (Remote control application, Windows only) ships with the unit and allows full control and peak feedback information across all channels. A stand-alone hardware RS232 controller is planned for release in Q3 2008.
Remote control pre-amplifiers enable engineers to shorten microphone cable runs considerably, helping to reduce the audible effects that occur along with reduced microphone sensitivity, changes in frequency, and phase. Shorter cable runs also help reduce phantom power voltage loss and eliminate additional audible effects from cable movement. Remote pre-amps are also well suited for use with digital snake systems. Microphone inputs cannot be sent down the digital snake without prior pre-amplification. Remote pres allow the engineer to control and monitor gain from a distance - there is no need for a secondary engineer to reside along side the stage box and monitor the preamp.
All housed in a sturdy 1RU external chassis, SM Pro Audio tell us that the PR8DS is shielded from any stray electrical interference and built for road use. Robust connectors are provided for all inputs and outputs.
SM Pro Audio product manager Danny Olesh had this to say, "The PR8DS was originally designed to integrate seamlessly with audio systems utilizing digital snakes. With the development and adoption of digital snakes picking up steam in the field, engineers have been required to source remote controllable preamps. The PR8DS’s RS232 control facilitates use with any system along with a range of control options. It’s not limited by any proprietary format.�
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