WNAMM08: Eventide Upgrades Eclipse

V3.5 software increases responsiveness and number of parameters available for simultaneous control      18/01/08

WNAMM08: Eventide Upgrades Eclipse

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Eventide has announced a v3.5 software upgrade for its best-selling Eclipse digital multi-effects processor. The new upgrade accelerates the operating system, dramatically decreases MIDI latency, improves system control responsiveness, doubles the number of parameters that can be controlled at one time, thus enabling more intuitive, expressive operation of the Eclipse for live and studio applications.
In addition, Eclipse v3.5 supports the new E-Control RTAS control plug-in which provides preset change and parameter control automation from within Pro Tools, as well as the ability to save all settings with the session file. Driven by end-user input, the newest iteration also provides remote control for A/B machine bypass, effectively allowing users to bypass each effect separately via MIDI or assignable foot switches.
Ray Maxwell, Eventide vice president of sales and marketing, told us, “Long recognized as a must-have for serious music production professionals, the Eclipse is the standard for artists, engineers and producers who seek unique and expressive effects. With today’s upgrade we’re making the Eclipse even more articulate and lyrical.�
About Eclipse
Eclipse offers Eventide’s contemporary diatonic shifting technology, capable of producing up to eight simultaneous voices of pitch shifting, and integrates the User-Definable Scales functionality of the H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer. Program change is lightning fast; Eclipse offers 90 effects algorithms and a mind-blowing 390 presets providing fertile ground for guitar players looking to create their own signature sound. Fully editable and controllable in real time, each parameter in the Eclipse is addressable by two programmable foot switch inputs or MIDI control input with power provided for a MIDI foot controller.
Configurable in a series, parallel, stereo or dual mono, the Eclipse digital audio effects processor is built on a dual-engine platform. The Eventide Eclipse offers five times the processing power of its predecessor, the H3000, and allows the user to run two powerful stereo effects simultaneously in a more space-efficient package and offers many of the H3000’s most popular effects. The Eclipse uses high-quality relays to provide a true hard-wire bypass to remove itself completely from the circuit so nothing comes between guitarist and amplifier.
Built with quality construction throughout and implementing requirements from artists and engineers who use this equipment on a daily basis, Eclipse features a robust, yet easy-to-use interface, including a comprehensive search engine for rapid preset selection by category application. The Eclipse also features a heavy gauge, all-metal faceplate, solid positive-action controls and a sharp and bright display easily visible at an off angle.
The Eclipse is well equipped for any studio session featuring 1/4� hi impedance inputs and XLR I/O; S/PDIF, AES, and ADAT digital I/O, including word clock. The Eclipse is a 24-bit processor and supports up to 96kHz sampling rate.
Pricing and Availability:
Upgrade is a free download for registered users. More information:

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