WNAMM08: iZotope Announces Plug-In Versions Of RX

US New audio restoration software inside any DAW      17/01/08

WNAMM08: iZotope Announces Plug-In Versions Of RX

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iZotope, Inc. has announced iZotope RX audio restoration plug-ins, featuring the essential tools for cleaning and restoring audio.
Soon to be available for VST, Audio Units, MAS, ProTools (RTAS, AudioSuite, HTDM), and DirectX, the plug-ins will be released in February 2008, and will be included with the award-winning standalone version for the same price of $349. Current RX customers will be able to download the plug-ins free of charge.
Using powerful, newly developed technology created by iZotope’s research team, RX removes hiss and buzz, eliminates clicks and crackles, and repairs overload distortion in audio. New intelligent spectral repair algorithms can even analyze and fill gaps in audio files to restore previously unusable recordings.
Ideal for any application that demands spotless audio, RX features a unique interface designed specifically for audio restoration work. RX’s modules attain great results quickly for time sensitive applications like broadcasting and podcasting, video production, and studio recording. Advanced features allow a level of control needed in critical applications such as forensics, audio remastering and archiving.
Key Features
  • Denoiser – suppresses broadband and tonal noise independently without harsh artifacts
  • Spectral Repair – removes intermittent noises and even fixes gaps and corrupted audio using advanced re-synthesis techniques
  • Declipper – saves previously unusable recordings by removing both analog and digital clipping
  • Hum Removal – cleans up hum caused by poor wiring and other electrical problems
  • Declicker – brings ancient records and master tapes back to life by removing analog and digital impulse noises
  • Well-designed user interfaces – like iZotope’s other plug-ins, RX plug-ins feature unique interfaces, preset management, input and output metering and undo history windows which allow you to keep track of the changes you’ve made inside of each RX plug-in, and revert to earlier states.
RX Advanced
In addition to the base version of RX, an extended application, iZotope RX Advanced, allows even more precise control over RX algorithms. RX Advanced will also include new plug-in versions in its February update.
Pricing and Availability:
iZotope RX is distributed worldwide by M-Audio, and is also available direct from iZotope online.
RX will be available plug-in formats and standalone application in one package for $349 MSRP ($1199 for RX Advanced) in February 2008.
All current RX customers will be eligible for a free download of the plug-in version.
A downloadable 10 day fully functional trial of RX will be available in February.
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