Get In The Groove With Archibald

Polyrythmic Archibald 3 puts a human touch into programmed drum grooves      17/01/08

Get In The Groove With Archibald

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Polyrythmic have released Archibald 3, a tool for creating grooves and available for Mac OSX and Windows. With its flexible step-sequencer, you may edit drum parts of virtually any level of complexity. Archibald is then able to add its own realistic interpretations of your patterns, putting a "human" touch to note, velocity, and attack information, according to your own taste. Archibald comes with its 260 mo sounds' bank, and may be extended with any third party sound. Also included is a 'pattern creator' and a 'Live' module, to drive Archibald on the stage. Polyrythmic say that Archibald is an ideal companion for the musician and an indispensable tool for the composer. Here’s all the details in their own words:
Archibald is a virtual drummer who adds improvisational touches to your drum patterns. As you build your rhythm in the step-sequencer, you assign Archibald a margin of interpretation from 0 to 100%. This margin allows for a more realistic sound, based upon the simple fact that no drummer plays two consecutive eighth notes with exactly the same tone and attack. Archibald may be a "machine," but his interpretations may surprise you. The sampler engine which accompanies the step-sequencer uses 44.1 kHz resolution and an impressive set of realistic sounds.
The second sequencer, driving the first, allows the user to program sequences based on several bars. From Version 2.1 onward, Archibald may interface with your sequencer via Rewire technology, allowing you to mix the 12 individual outputs from within your favourite sequencing software. You may also export your work as audio. Or use Archibald to drive any MIDI device.
Archibald 3 allows you to use any sound you like. Archibald is able to use sounds in two ways:
  • SAMPLER uses multi-sampled sounds, to get realistic and natural effects.
  • SYNTH uses one sound and applies effects to it that follows notes’ instructions, to create irrealistic and synth like effects.
The included sound bank is 45 MB, reaching up to 40 samples per instrument, such as for the snare drum. Registered users have access to a 217 mo bonus bank. And Archibald also allows you to build your own banks with your own sounds, in AIFF or WAVE types.
Mix The program produces either stereo or multi-channel output. When using stereo, a mixing window allows you to craft the perfect drum sub-mix, balancing levels and panning information to suit your needs. When using multi-channel, it is assumed that you will be performing your mix within your sequencer, or sending to a hardware mixer for the task, just as though you were using 12 microphones. From version 3.4, you can also insert 2 VST plugins per track.
Creator : ask Archibald to create patterns.
Creator builds rythm patterns for you. Select a style, clic on Apply Pattern: a new rythm has been created that you can easily edit. You like the bass drum, but not the hihat? Create another pattern for the hihat only. Or modify hihat's velocities only. Want to go further? Creator also allows you to create your own styles.
Live : play Archibald on the stage.
This allows you to drive Archibald in real-time, i.e. for a performance on the stage. Thanks to your computer’s keyboard or a MIDI Keyboard (or foot controller), launch complex sequences and apply a modulation to velocities and probabilities.
Pricing and Availability:
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