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Rain Recording debuts Livebook Zephyr - compact audio laptop      08/01/08

Laptop For Songwriters

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Rain Recording, creator of purpose-built computer systems for audio production, has announced the LiveBook Zephyr mobile songwriter laptop - the newest addition to the line of LiveBook mobile audio workstations.
LiveBook Zephyr is an ultra-portable songwriter's notebook. Weighing in at just 4.3 pounds, Zephyr is the lightest and smallest LiveBook ever, making it, say Rain, the perfect mobile studio for laying down a quick guitar part, some vocals and a drum loop wherever inspiration strikes.
Also now available is the RainPAK counterpart to LiveBook Zephyr called ZPAK. ZPAK is a complete songwriter digital tool-kit including LiveBook Zephyr, the Tascam US122L audio interface, a Tascam LD-74 microphone and a mic cable and desktop mic stand. ZPAK also includes copies of Cubase LE and Gigastudio 3 LE.
ZPAK, the first RainPAK (Professional Audio Kit) is designed to give the modern, budget-minded songwriter everything he or she needs to make high-quality recordings, demos and sketches at home or on the road. ZPAK is completely set up for plug & play when it arrives with drivers installed, cables included and every component tested and optimized for performance including a copy of Windows XP specially tuned for audio production.
Rain President Bill Paschick told us, "ZPAK with LiveBook Zephyr is very much a Rain product in that it provides a complete solution for a specific purpose. Our mission is to provide transparent technology so our customers can get right down to the job of creating - which is why they got a Rain computer in the first place. When you have a great idea for a song, the last thing you want to do is sit on the phone with tech-support".
The RainPAK program is designed to provide a complete solution, tested and certified for optimum performance, for a specific purpose like songwriting, DJ'ing or mobile recording. Rain say that they are in the business of making it easy for creative people to harness technology and that other RainPAK products including MixPAK, StudioPAK and GuitarPAK are scheduled for release in early 2008.
Pricing and Availability:
LiveBook Zephyr: Price: from $1499.95 (As low as $46/month)
ZPAK: Price: from $1649.95 (As low as $51/month) More information:

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