GigaStudio 4 and GVI 4

US Gigastudio sampler updated, GVI available for Macs      05/11/07

GigaStudio 4 and GVI 4

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Tascam GigaStudio 4 is with us. The new version supports 64-bit operating systems like XP64 and Windows Vista 64, allowing users to access up to 128 gigabytes of RAM for loading massive sample libraries and compositional templates. GigaStudio 4 also hosts VSTi and GVI virtual instruments, loading or stacking instruments alongside GigaStudio instrument libraries. When hosted in GigaStudio 4, virtual instruments based on TASCAM's GVI gain the advantages of kernel-level processing, offering lower latency than other host applications. Hundreds of enhancements have been made from GigaStudio such as an all-new QuickSound database tool, additions to the QuickEdit interface and many user interface improvements.
Product Development Manager Jim Bailey told us, "GigaStudio remains the industry standard for producers, composers and musicians who demand the best. While many customers enjoy the ease-of-use and single-computer workflow of GVI, GigaStudio 4 offers the high-end user the ultimate solution for a dedicated instrument workstation. GigaStudio has enjoyed an almost exclusive use by top-grossing film composers, the most demanding sampler users, because of its reliability, sound quality and performance. GigaStudio 4 continues that tradition."
GigaStudio 4 builds on the features of GigaStudio 3, including unlimited polyphony, 96kHz/24-bit sample support, 128 MIDI channel playback and embedded GigaPulse convolution reverb. The iMIDI rule programming includes legato mode, round-robin, alternation, portamento, dynamic expression filters and more to add realism to sampled performances. The new version supports Windows XP and Windows Vista (32 and 64-bit versions).
TASCAM is also announcing GVI 4, the Giga Virtual Instrument, for Mac and PC. Previously only available for Windows users, GVI is the only plug-in sampler instrument powered by the Giga sampling engine, and shares many of the GigaStudio specs.
GVI 4 for Mac runs as a 16-part multi-timbral plug-in instrument in Audio Unit, VSTi and RTAS formats, for compatibility with virtually all Mac professional applications - including Pro Tools and Logic Pro. Jim Bailey, told us, “Everyone knows that GigaStudio has been the go-to sampler for composers, producers and creative musicians everywhere "Yet many musicians have craved the power of GigaStudio on their favorite computer platform, the Mac. Now that reality is just around the corner."
Ron Okamoto, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations, had this to say,"Mac OS X was built from the ground up for audio and is used by professional musicians around the world. We're thrilled that Tascam has brought GVI 4 to the Mac and look forward to seeing what musicians will do with this great sampler running on our Intel-based Macs."
Pricing and Availability:
TASCAM GVI 4 (cross-platform) will be available in the Fall of 2007 with a manufacturers suggested retail price of $399. Update paths from GVI 3 will be announced soon. More information:

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