Custom-Fit Earphones In The UK launch the ER-6i Custom      05/11/07

Custom-Fit Earphones In The UK

Buying Choices, a joint project between Widget and ACS the specialist providers of custom-made high-fidelity earphones has announced the launch of what they are describing as the industry’s most cost-effective custom-fit earphones - available in the UK for £149.99.
They tell us that the ER-6i Custom earphones enable you to experience your music on an entirely new level with no aching or fatigue. Manufactured individually, they are designed to offer unrivalled comfort, incredible noise isolation and deliver a spectacularly unique range of clarity. say that, with the tiny tailor-made earphones fitted snugly into your ears, you will hear nuances of your music that you won’t have noticed before.
The custom-fit ear moulds are combined with the success of Etymotic’s award-winning ER-6i earphones. The noise isolation of up to 26dB allows you to enjoy your music without interference or disturbance and the balanced technology in the ER-6i driver delivers incredible clarity without distortion.
Andy Shiach, Director of ACS commented, “The ER-6i Custom signals a new generation in earphones. We are delighted to have teamed up with Etymotic, who already boast a proven track record in hearing quality, and the custom fits only further enhance the listening experience. Along with the unrivalled quality of sound, the ER-6i Customs are a whole lot healthier for your ears than standard earphones.�
About have produced the new ER6i Custom tailor-made earphones in association with its partners ACS. Advanced Communication Solutions have a long history in audiology and provide practical and efficient solutions for protection from loud sounds and offer communication solutions for noisy environments. They have now combined this expertise with the high-definition Etymotic earphones to produce the ER6i Custom to offer an unrivalled listening experience with unparalleled clarity and comfort.
About Etymotic Research Etymotic Research designs and manufactures products that measure, improve and protect hearing. For more than two decades, Chicago-based Etymotic Research has been creating products used by musicians and others who insist on superior sound quality. In this time it has become world leader in high-fidelity, noise-isolating, in-the-ear earphones.
Pricing and Availability:
The earphones and customisation voucher are ordered online, simply enter your postcode at to find your nearest participating audiologist from our nationwide network and have your impressions taken, the ear moulds will then arrive within 14 days.
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