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EZdrummer to be available in every SAE facility      02/11/07

Toontrack Music  Partner SAE Institute

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The SAE Institute – well known for their strategic partnerships – can now count Toontrack amongst the industry heavyweights working directly with SAE colleges the world over. The deal will see SAE’s global network of 49 facilities take delivery of Toontrack Music’s EZdrummer software package, putting professional percussion and drumming software into the hands of each and every student.
The partnership means that Toontrack join the ranks of SAE’s prestigious industry partners, which already includes Digidesign, Neve, Alesis and Apple Computers – who supply MacBooks to every SAE student. Toontrack are one of the world’s leading developers of drum sample software and drum sound libraries.
Toontrack Music MD Andreas Sundgren said: “Toontrack Music are honoured to be taken up into the ranks of SAE industry partners. The students at SAE are the movers and shakers of tomorrow’s music industry, and to have a chance to take part in forming that industry is a great opportunity for us.�
Jian Rödblom of SAE Institute Stockholm added: “We at SAE Institute Stockholm are thrilled to have helped make this partnership possible, adding another partner to the already unsurpassed quality of our industry partners. With their large range of software and amazing drum samples, Toontrack are an obvious choice of partner in this area of the industry. All SAE Institutes worldwide will be supplied with EZdrummer packages to allow students to learn and create with this software. And all students will also be able to purchase the Toontrack range of products at a large discount, allowing them to continue using these products as they enter their professional careers.�
About SAE Institute:
SAE was founded in 1976. By the end of the ’80s the school had expanded its original course, adding multimedia and film departments. Today SAE Institute is the world’s largest media education network for audio engineering, digital film & animation, web design & development, and game design, with 49 facilities spanning 21 countries on four continents.
About EZdrummer:
EZ Drummer is a multi-microphone drum sampler designed for musicians and producers in need of a compact, and easy to handle plug-in that doesn’t compromise on sound quality or control. The visualised drums in the interface combine auditioning of sounds and drum kit construction. The extensive drag and drop midi-library (featuring 8000+ MIDI files) enables users to create a great drum track in just a few clicks. For more advanced handling, users can control microphone bleeding and levels between drums using the internal mixer.
EZ Drummer facts and figures:
  • 7,000 sound files at 16-bit / 44.1kHz (equivalent to 5GB of uncompressed WAV files
  • 8,000 MIDI drum patterns
  • Multiple microphone and mic spill control
  • Low CPU overhead
  • Drums recorded at Avatar Studios, New York by world-class drummers and producers
  • Extensive range of expansion packs available
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