Steinberg Adds Cubase AI To Crossgrade Special

Cubase LE or AI customers save up to 50% on Cubase 4      26/10/07

Steinberg Adds Cubase AI To Crossgrade Special

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Steinberg have announced a crossgrade special for customers who have purchased hardware products that include Steinberg's Cubase LE or select Yamaha hardware products that include Cubase AI4. For a limited time, these customers can purchase a fully-functioning crossgrade version of Cubase 4 or Cubase Studio 4 and save up to 50% off.
Cubase LE, which Steinberg describe as a perfect introduction to the world of computer music production, is currently bundled with several high-quality hardware products from manufacturers such as Alesis, ART, Creative Labs, ESI, E-MU, Hercules, Lexicon, Focusrite, Phonic, Presonus, Pioneer, Mindprint, Tascam, Terratec, TC Electronic, Yamaha, and ZOOM.
Cubase AI4 is a special version of Cubase software developed by Steinberg and is bundled with Yamaha Music Production products such as the Motif XS Synthesizers, n-Series Firewire Mixers, and MW series USB Mixers; the PSRS700, PSRS900, PSROR700 and Tyros2 Portable Keyboards; CP300 and CP33 Digital Pianos; and the DTXP4U Electronic Drum Kit. What does AI mean? Cubase AI4 (and all commercial versions of Cubase 4) supports the DAW extensions for Steinberg software and provides Advanced Integration between Yamaha hardware and Steinberg software, offering endless creative possibilities.
Owners of Cubase LE and Cubase AI4 can move up to the enhanced production capabilities found in Cubase Studio 4 or Cubase 4 for up to half the price. New and upgraded features include MediaBay for managing all sounds, loops and presets, an unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks, VST instruments, 16 VST MIDI effect plug-ins, VST audio effects, instrument sounds, professional music notation and score printing, a pristine 32-bit floating point audio engine, the newest VST3 Technology, seamless integration of external audio and MIDI hardware, and a redesigned user interface.
To take advantage of this special discounted crossgrade offer, customers simply provide proof of purchase of the hardware that contains Cubase LE or Cubase AI4. Or, customers can visit the Steinberg website to register their copy of Cubase LE, print out the page displaying their name and registration, and bring it to an authorized Steinberg retailer. The crossgrade is a fully functional retail version of Cubase 4 or Cubase Studio 4 with an independent license.
This special discounted crossgrade is valid from July 1, 2007 thru December 31, 2007 and applies to qualified hardware products that include Cubase LE and Cubase AI4.
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