AESNYC07: New Range Of Studio Tube Gear

US Audient and Manley collaborate on the London Tube range      26/10/07

AESNYC07: New Range Of Studio Tube Gear

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Audient chose the New York AES Convention to launch London Tube, a range of tube products that is the culmination of a recent collaboration between Audient and David Manley Designs Ltd. Three products were unveiled at the show:
  • The Model 936 Variable Mu Compressor
  • The Model 933 Mic Preamp and Eq
  • The Model EQP-2a Passive Eq
London Tube is not the first venture to bring together the skills and talents of tube technology luminary David Manley and Audient Technical Director, David Dearden. Their long association dates back to 1967 when David Dearden began his career at a large studio run by David Manley in Johannesburg, South Africa, where a tube mixing console was being designed and built for the studio.
David Manley’s status as a master of tube technology and the history of tube designs is almost legendary. The idea of collaborating on the design of a new series of tube gear came about in early 2007 following a meeting between the two designers.
Audient MD, Gareth Davies had this to say, “Experience is a huge asset – and with the pooled horse-power of David Manley and David Dearden we have possibly the most significant design resource that has been deployed in any recent tube development in this industry.� “We’re confident the products will be well received by engineers and producers, so we’re looking forward to hearing their feedback soon.�
Luke Baldry, Audient Sales and Marketing Director added, “The launch of London Tube marks another step in Audient’s mission of delivering ‘great sounding products’ that perform at the highest level. We’ve set benchmarks with the ASP8024 and the rest of the Silver Series products, more recently with Black Series and its unique technology and now we’re set to do the same with Tubes�.
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