Focusrite Liquid Technology Wins More Awards

US Liquid Mix is best hardware signal processor at TEC awards in NYC      23/10/07

Focusrite Liquid Technology Wins More Awards
Focusrite’s Lars Henning, Rob Jenkins and Ian Hodges celebrate

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Focusrite tell us that their Liquid Technology is already being used by many of the world’s top producers and engineers who are enjoying stunning results with the company’s Liquid Channel and Liquid Mix processors. Liquid Technology hardly needs any more backing, then, but it recently got just that in the form of two more prestigious awards, bringing the total number for the technology to an incredible 14.
The TEC awards in New York saw Focusrite’s Liquid Mix taking the Best Hardware Signal Processor category, delivering a second TEC for Liquid Technology (and a 9th for Focusrite as a company). Meanwhile over the pond, the MIA 2007 Awards saw Liquid Mix lay claim to the Future Music sponsored 'Special Innovation award'. The same accolade was awarded to Focusrite for their Liquid Channel in 2004.
With the recent launch of LIQUID 4PRE, due to ship in November, it begs the question: can Liquid Technology claim a hat trick of awards on both sides of the ocean in 2008? The team at Focusrite are quietly confident, as Giles Orford, Marketing Director for Focusrite, told us, "I know it's presumptuous, perhaps even a little arrogant, and yet I can't help feeling it's probable too. Few new technologies can truly lay claim to having revolutionized the way we make music, but Liquid Technology does just that. For the first time, the obsolete, the priceless and the historically significant, are available for the entire music recording community. If that's not innovation, I don't know what is."
Rather than creating a similar sound to vintage units, as with modelling devices, Liquid Technology samples their sonic behaviour. This is achieved through sintefex's patented Dynamic Convolution process – the application of a unique, level-dependant set of responses to an audio signal. These measured responses, sampled at numerous levels and with every possible setting combination, are applied to the input stream on a sample-by-sample basis for accurate emulation.
The Liquid Channel combines an elaborate analogue front-end with Liquid Technology, to provide a mono channel strip providing the sound of any mic pre and compressor in history. Liquid Mix utilises its own onboard DSP to deliver 32 channels of any classic compressor and EQ sound in history, simultaneously for use in the Mix. The new Liquid 4PRE is due to ship in November and will deliver four channels of the Liquid pre-amp in a single 2U rack mount unit.
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