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MHC launch Extreme, a VST and AU synth with 256 presets      23/10/07

Extreme Synth

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MHC have a hybrid synth - Extreme - available for Mac OSX and Windows. Extreme includes 256 presets, but it uses MHC’s soundpack technology so you may add soundpacks. Three optional soundpacks are available for a total of 1024 presets.
Here’s how MHX describe Extreme in their own words:
About Extreme
Extreme uses samples/waveforms as the oscillator source. In addition, there's an ensemble section which can multiply the oscillator source into 6 different oscillators, which gives Extreme a very thick and punchy sound.
The waveforms/samples can be categorized as distorted, big, punchy, noisy and wicked, appealing to musicians who need a unique tool which sounds different compared with the average software synthesizers on the market.
Extreme features one resonant lowpass filter per voice. And there's a traditional amplitude envelope as well. And pitch modulation (LFO). There's a stereo delay (one for the left and one for the right stereo channel). In addition, Extreme includes an ensemble unit which multiplies the oscillator into six oscillators which can be detuned (the amount control) and mixed with the original voice.
The effect section in Extreme is quite comprehensive. We have included a resonator, a flanger, reverb, a pitch shifter, amplitude modulator and even a sub oscillator. And there are several filter banks and bandpass filters.
Now as if this isn't enough, these can be used in series or layered to create thick effects. Alright, you say, but hold on. There's more. These effects can be cross faded as well. Yes, there are effect modes which let you, say, crossfade between the resonator and a flanging effect. Or crossfade between the flanger and a filter bank.
You may configure Extreme so it gives you any number of voices your computer can handle (depending on how fast it is). Or you can set a fixed limit if you don't want to allocate more than a certain number of voices for Extreme.
MIDI Controllers
The plugin has a learn mode for MIDI controllers. Just click on the learn button, turn a particular software knob, which you want to control, and then turn a hardware knob on your controller. Then the plugin has learnt that this hardware knob will control this software knob. Can't be easier. You can also use the learn function to draw controller waveforms in your MIDI sequencer.
Selecting Patches
There's a drop down menu which you use to select patches. Instead of selecting from the drop down menu you may also hit the increment or decrement buttons to step one preset forward or backward.
There's a 4th order lowpass filter with resonance, which can be controlled by an envelope. In addition, MIDI velocity may control the filter cutoff frequency. If you don't like volume velocity then you may reduce the volume velocity or turn it off completely. The plugin includes an LFO for pitch modulation and another LFO for effect modulation. The effect LFO has many shapes to choose from, for example triangle, saw and stepped waveforms. A manual (PDF) is included.
Pricing and Availability:
Soundpacks are available for $39 More information and downloadable demo:
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